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Re: The Nadir's return

Fri 07 Aug 2020, 16:30

My campaign culled from the lyrics of songs by Tinarawen has the players archaeologist mentor murdered to silence his discovery of the mythical Nadir settlement mentioned in corebook. Further evidence collected suggests that the Nadir were lost in time and arrived in the third horizon millennia ago.

They evolved into the Portal Builders and that there are nine Emissaries, their descendants, who are the Icons.

This evidence could shatter political control, faith, etc..
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Re: The Nadir's return

Mon 11 Apr 2022, 18:31

nadir = the ship in pandorum.. cant imagine a more cool setting =)
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Re: The Nadir's return

Fri 26 Jan 2024, 04:28

In my timeline, the Nadir will - at some point in my Story re-apear in form of a scout who enter the 3rd Horizon with the "empty Portal" in Tarazug.
This Portal was long ago closed to seperate the 3rd and 4th Horizon by the Portal Builders themselve, but the Nadirs Crew found a way to reactivate it.

The Nadir set course to the Pleiades Star Constelation during a bunch of unexpected situations after they lost the contact to the Zenith ( and set up settlements in an area not colonized yet.

This is how my 4th Horizon looks: ... sp=sharing if you wana take that story for you, plus every System inside worked out with Planets: ... sp=sharing
The System Names are 1 to 1 Pleiades Names.

I see a lot of potential in the Nadirs return, but tbh not in the "Emissary Lost" Campaign.
Just downloaded and took a look at the maps, and it looks awesome! Unfortunately, it looks like the story link is busted. Any chance you’re interested in resharing?
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Re: The Nadir's return

Mon 29 Apr 2024, 11:45

Wasn't there something mention in a Q&A vid about the Great dark that the mystery of the Nadir will be in the campaign book "The Flowers of Algorab"?

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