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The Shire Stories - Theft At The Rope Factory

Sun 28 Apr 2024, 04:53

The Shire Stories - Theft At The Rope Factory
A Solo Roleplaying Play Report - the One Ring RPG
By Arthur Dallas


- Andwise "Andy" Roper is a male hobbit. The most skilful rope-maker in the Shire. Brother of Hamfast Gamgee the gardener. Faithful and fair-spoken.
- Birba Muggins is a female hobbit. Owner of a farm and mother. Secretive and keen-eyed.
- Bobbin Muggins is a male hobbit. Son of Birba and farmer. Rustic and wilful.
- Ergi Broadbeam is a male dwarf. Blacksmith and rare metals seeker. Secretive and wilful.
- Eggmorn Broadbeam is a male dwarf. Blacksmith and rare metals seeker. Cunning and stern.
- Elfir Broadbeam is a male dwarf. Blacksmith and rare metals seeker. Secretive and fierce.
- Nora Whitfoot (female Hobbit) is a Northfarthing senior bounder in the region of the Gamwich Village. She is faithfull and Keen-Eyed.


The late afternoon sun cast long shadows across the rolling hills of Tighfield, a peaceful corner of the Shire known for its skilled rope-makers and lush farmlands. But today, chaos reigns as anger and suspicion grip the hearts of the hobbits gathered outside a small farm nestled amidst the golden fields.
At the forefront of the agitated crowd stands Andwise "Andy" Roper, his normally jovial face twisted in anger and determination. Andy is no stranger to the art of ropemaking; he carries with him the pride of a tradition passed down through generations. His brother, Hamfast Gamgee, tends to his gardens in Hobbiton, unaware of the turmoil brewing in Tighfield.
The mob of hobbits brandishes an assortment of makeshift weapons—clubs, pitchforks, and flaming torches—as they confront the barricaded farmhouse. Their accusations ring out like a chorus of thunder, accusing the three dwarves inside of thievery. "You're thieves! Rope thieves!" shouts Andy, his voice carrying the weight of generations of craftsmanship.
Within the sturdy walls of the farmhouse, three dwarves stand resolute. Ergi Broadbeam, their leader, gazes out from behind a makeshift barricade, his expression a mix of frustration and defiance. "We're no thieves!" he bellows back, his deep voice carrying over the tumultuous crowd.
As tensions escalate, stones and insults are hurled back and forth. The dwarves, feeling cornered and misunderstood, resort to defending themselves with rocks and arrows. Ergi, a skilled archer among his kin, notches an arrow to his bow and takes aim, intending to warn the hobbits rather than harm them.
The arrow flies true but finds an unintended target—the plump buttocks of Bess, Andy Roper's loyal mule. The sudden yelp of the mule mixes with gasps and curses from the hobbits, who quickly scatter for cover, their anger momentarily overshadowed by surprise and pain.
"By Durin's beard, that wasn't meant for your mule!" Ergi calls out, his frustration evident. "We mean no harm to your ropes or your kin. Leave us be, and we'll do the same."
Andy, torn between his anger and concern for Bess, exchanges a wary glance with a few of the more level-headed hobbits around him. The situation has taken an unexpected turn, the accusations of theft now muddled with the realization that perhaps they've misjudged the situation.


In the tranquil village of Tighfield, where the gentle breeze carries whispers of the Shire's tales, a tense confrontation brews between hobbits and dwarves. Amidst the fluttering leaves, Nora Whitfoot, a senior bounder from the northern Gamwich village, arrives with purpose in her steps. Her keen eyes scan the scene, settling on Andy Roper, a familiar face amidst the chaos.
"Nora, our savior. We need you," Andy exclaims as relief floods his features at her arrival. "There are three thieving dwarves on this farm, and we need your help to talk to them."
Nora nods solemnly, her expression a mix of concern and determination. "I have to talk to them too. They are indeed the Broadbeam brothers," she confirms, her voice carrying the weight of authority and experience. "Yes," Andy acknowledges with a grim nod, understanding the gravity of the situation.
With a few quick instructions to the others to keep watch and be prepared for any sudden movements, Andy and Nora stride purposefully towards the farmhouse where the dwarves are barricaded. The tension hangs thick in the air, mingling with the scent of earth and crops.
Inside the farmhouse, the three dwarves watch warily as Andy and Nora approach, their expressions guarded yet curious. Ergi Broadbeam, the eldest and leader among them, steps forward as the hobbits draw near, his voice firm yet tinged with weariness. "We deny all charges. We didn't steal any ropes," Ergi declares, his words echoing in the cramped space.
Nora meets Ergi's gaze evenly, her years of experience as a bounder lending her a calm authority. "I come to tell you about your brother Bofur Broadbeam," she begins, her voice carrying a hint of compassion amidst the tension.
At that moment, Ergi makes a decision, his hand reaching for the door as he swings it open partially, allowing Nora and Andy entry. The gesture speaks volumes, a tentative bridge spanning the divide between mistrust and understanding.
As they step inside, the air seems to shift, charged with unspoken questions and fragile hopes. The flickering candlelight casts dancing shadows on the worn wooden walls, mirroring the dance of emotions within the hearts of those gathered.
Nora and Andy exchange a meaningful glance, a silent acknowledgment of the delicate task ahead. The truth, like a hidden gem buried beneath layers of misunderstanding, awaits discovery amidst the shadows that cloak Tighfield on this fateful day.


Inside the farmhouse, where tensions once simmered, now lies a somber air as Nora Whitfoot addresses the three dwarves with utmost respect.
"I must tell you that your brother Bofur Broadbeam was killed by orcs north of Gamwich," Nora begins, her voice soft yet carrying the weight of sorrow. "We buried his body near the old elven ruins. I can take you there if you want. We will leave tomorrow morning if you agree."
Ergi, the eldest among the Broadbeam brothers, bows his head in silent grief, his usual stoic demeanor momentarily faltering. The other two dwarves, usually brimming with bravado, are rendered speechless by the news of their brother's fate.
Nora, sensing the heavy atmosphere, continues with a sense of purpose. "Well, we're going to sort out this theft matter this evening," she declares, turning to Andy Roper with a pointed look. "Andy, can you tell me who could be mad at these three dwarves here and make them out to be scapegoats? It’s quite obvious that they don’t have the ropes."
Andy's brow furrows in thought, memories of past grievances surfacing in his mind. "You are absolutely right, Nora," he concedes with a sigh. "I'm totally sorry; events have crossed the line." He pauses, gathering his thoughts before continuing. "I remember a story from eight years ago. Birba Muggins lost her husband Golfo Muggins. He accompanied some dwarves on a journey to Greenholm to the south. He got lost in the Far Downs to the south. No body was ever found. Birba has been saying ever since that dwarves are horrible people."
Nora nods, her expression reflecting a mix of understanding and determination. "And where is Birba Muggins now?" Nora inquires, turning to Andy for information.
Andy's eyes scan the dimly lit room before he replies, "She is in the village at the Tighfield inn. She is with her son Bobbin Muggins." He pauses, a glint of resolve in his eyes. "They were waiting for the chaos to pass to come back here; this is their farm."
Nora nods decisively, her determination unwavering. "We're going to go and question them," she declares, her voice carrying a hint of anticipation mingled with the weight of responsibility. As the evening deepens and the stars twinkle overhead, a new chapter unfolds in the quiet village of Tighfield.


The inn in Tighfield hums with the warmth of firelight and the chatter of villagers as Nora and Andry make their way inside. Their footsteps echo softly against the wooden floor as they navigate through the cozy establishment, their eyes searching for the table occupied by Birba and Bobbin Muggins.
Amidst the mirth and laughter, Birba's voice rises above the din, her smile wide as she recounts the events of the chaotic day to her son. "You saw their dwarves' faces when the mob arrived," she chuckles, a mischievous glint in her eyes as Bobbin bursts into laughter beside her.
However, Birba's smile fades as Nora and Andry approach their table, their expressions serious and determined. Nora wastes no time, her tone firm yet not unkind. "Well, let's let your lies stand, and we'll get to the point," she begins, her gaze steady on Birba. "We know about your husband's disappearance and your hatred of dwarves."
Bobbin, caught off guard, looks nervously between his mother and Nora before blurting out, "She is the one who told me to steal the ropes," his finger pointing accusingly at Birba. Birba's face contorts with anger and frustration, her facade of bravado crumbling under Nora's piercing gaze. "Shut up, Bobbin," she hisses, her voice trembling with suppressed emotion. "These dwarves are all scoundrels. They deserved it."
Tears well up in Birba's eyes as she continues, her voice wavering with a mix of sorrow and bitterness. "There are hobbits from the south who tell me that my Golfo preferred to leave with young fairies from the Far Downs rather than come back to find me. Bullshit," she declares vehemently. "My Golfo would always have come back to me. These dwarves killed him in his sleep and stole his few possessions."
Nora's expression softens slightly at the raw pain in Birba's words, understanding the depths of loss and resentment that have fueled her actions. "Listen to Birba," she says gently, her voice carrying a note of empathy. "Tomorrow, I'm leaving with the Broadbeam dwarves brothers to look for their dead brother in the north. Afterwards, I promise you that I will go and do a little investigation in Greenholm and try to get information on your husband Golfo Muggins."
Birba's tears flow freely now, a mixture of grief and hope shining in her eyes. "You are so kind, my little one," she murmurs gratefully, her earlier anger dissipating in the face of Nora's compassion. "Yes, I would like to have some news."
The air in the inn seems to shift, a moment of shared understanding and resolution settling over the table. Shadows of hatred and loss, long nurtured in the heart of Birba, now stand to be challenged by the promise of truth and closure on the horizon. In the quiet corners of Tighfield, where secrets and sorrows intertwine, a new chapter of hope begins to unfurl amidst the whispers of the night.

END OF EPISODE (In Adventuring Phase)

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