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The Shire Stories - The Honey Bees Incident

Sun 21 Apr 2024, 02:20

The Shire Stories - The Honey Bees Incident
A Solo Roleplaying (Strider Mode) Play Report - the One Ring RPG
By Arthur Dallas


- Holman Cotton, a male hobbit farmer and father of Tolman and Wilcombe Cotton. He lives at Bywater on the south lane. He is faithfull and rustic.
- Tolman "Tom" Cotton, a male hobbit kid. His father is Holman Cotton. He is honourable and merry.
- Wilcombe "Will" Cotton, a male hobbit kid. His father is Holman Cotton. He is eager and merry.
- Old Noakes, a male old hobbit. He is a farmer and keeper of hives of honey bees. He lives at Bywater on the south lane. He is honourable and fair-spoken.
- Ruthie Overwater. a female old hobbit. She lives at Bywater and can always be found in the Green Dragon Inn. She is a local gossip. She is keen-eyes and inquisitive.


Once upon a time in the peaceful land of the Shire, nestled in the idyllic village of Bywater, lived the Cotton family. Holman Cotton, a hardworking and gentle hobbit farmer, was raising his two sons, Tom and Will, after the tragic loss of their mother, Pepper Cotton, in a heartbreaking accident. The pain of her absence hung heavy in their hearts, casting a shadow over their once joyous home.
On this particular day, Tom and Will had spent the hours helping their father in the sun-dappled fields, tending to the crops and livestock that sustained their family. Despite their sadness, they worked diligently, knowing that their efforts were a small comfort to their father and a tribute to their mother's memory.
As the day waned and the chores were completed, Tom dutifully took on the task of washing the dishes while Will tidied up the cozy kitchen of their hobbit hole home. Their father, Holman, quietly went about his evening routine, heading out to the barn to feed the animals that relied on him for care.
When Holman returned, the aroma of a simple but hearty hobbit meal filled the air, and the warmth of the hearth chased away the chill of the evening. Tom, with his sleeves rolled up and apron on, turned to his father with a hopeful glint in his eyes.
"Dad," Tom began tentatively, "Can Will and I go play by the stream for a bit? The weather's so nice, and we promise to be back before dark."
Holman looked at his sons with a mixture of love and sadness in his eyes, his weathered face softening at their eagerness. "Of course, Tom," he replied gently, his voice tinged with a hint of melancholy. "Just be careful and don't stay out too late. We don't want your mum worrying about you."
With a nod and grateful smiles, Tom and Will dashed outside, their laughter mingling with the rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze. Bywater was bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun, casting long shadows over the lush countryside.
The brothers made their way to the familiar stream that meandered through their father's land, the babbling water a soothing melody to their ears. They skipped stones, chased each other through meadows dotted with wildflowers, and shared memories of happier times with their mother.
As twilight descended and the first stars twinkled in the evening sky, Tom and Will made their way back home, hearts lighter from the simple joys of brotherly camaraderie and the beauty of their homeland. In the embrace of their cozy hobbit hole, they found solace in each other's company, knowing that their love and memories would forever keep their mother's spirit alive in their hearts.


Under the soft glow of moonlight filtering through their bedroom window, Tom and Will lay in their beds, the quiet of the night settling around them like a cozy blanket. Their father's footsteps in the hallway signal that he, too, is retiring for the night. Tom, ever the mischievous one, turns to his brother with a sly grin.
"Hey, Will," Tom whispers conspiratorially, "Are you up for a little adventure tonight? I heard Old Noakes has some sweet honey pots in his farm. We could sneak out and get some for ourselves." Will, a bit more cautious by nature, hesitates before replying, "I don't know, Tom. What if Old Noakes catches us this time? We'll be in big trouble."
Tom rolls his eyes playfully, nudging his brother. "Oh, come on, Will! Live a little. Imagine the delicious honey we'll have for breakfast tomorrow. Don't let me down now!" After a moment's consideration, Will nods reluctantly. "Okay, fine. But we have to be careful."
With silent agreement, the two brothers quietly slip out of their beds, careful not to make a sound. They gather their backpacks, filled with essentials for their nighttime escapade, and make their way out of the house, closing the door behind them with practiced stealth.
The night air is mild, the stars twinkling in the clear sky as if winking encouragement at the young hobbits' adventure. They follow the familiar South Lane road, their steps light and cautious, blending into the shadows cast by the surrounding trees and bushes.
As they approach the fields leading to Old Noakes Farm, excitement pulses through Tom's veins. "We're almost there, Will," he whispers, a mischievous glint in his eyes.
But their path to the honey pots is not without its obstacles. A small stream gurgles softly in the moonlight, its waters reflecting the silver beams above. Tom deftly leaps across, landing on the other side with ease. He turns to watch Will attempt the jump, a grin already spreading across his face.
Will gathers his courage and takes a leap, but misjudges the distance. With a splash, he lands in the cool water, sending ripples dancing across the surface. Tom stifles a laugh, quickly covering his mouth with his hand to muffle any noise.
Will emerges from the stream, dripping wet but laughing along with his brother at the comical mishap. "Well, that wasn't so graceful," he chuckles, wringing out his sleeves. Tom claps him on the back, still grinning from ear to ear. "Who needs grace when you've got adventure, right?" he teases, and together they continue on their nocturnal quest, the promise of sweet honey and shared laughter guiding their steps through the tranquil night.


Under the cloak of night, Tom and Will tread cautiously through the moonlit fields. Tom's memory serves them well as he leads the way to the hidden reserve in the barn's storage room, their footsteps silent as they move with practiced stealth.
Inside the dimly lit storage room, the air heavy with the scent of hay and honey, Tom and Will spot their coveted treasure—rows upon rows of jars filled with golden sweetness. Without a word, they each grab a pot, their hearts racing with excitement at their successful heist.
But their triumph is short-lived as the piercing bark of a dog shatters the silence. Fear grips their hearts, and without hesitation, they bolt out of the barn, their feet pounding against the earth as they sprint towards the safety of the open fields.
Behind them, Old Noakes emerges from his farmhouse, a knowing smile on his weathered face as he watches the fleeing figures. "Ah, it's you young rascals again," he calls out, his voice carrying across the night air. "No more sneaking around for you with my new watchdog around!"
Tom and Will's hearts race faster as they stumble through the fields, their bags of honey jars bouncing against their backs. As they burst out of the fields into an open clearing, their momentum betrays them, causing them to fall hard to the ground. The impact shatters some of the honey pots, releasing sticky sweetness into the night.
Will chuckles amidst their predicament, "Well done, Tom. Looks like we'll have honey bags for breakfast after all." Tom joins in the laughter, the tension of their escapade melting away in shared amusement.
But their laughter is cut short by a chilling sight—a looming shadow of a massive, ominous wolf cast against the moonlit clearing. Tom's eyes widen in terror, his scream piercing the night air.
Thinking quickly, Will retrieves a lantern from his bag, igniting its flame to cast a warm glow around them. Miraculously, the light seems to startle the wolf, causing it to vanish into the darkness as quickly as it appeared.
Breathless and shaken, Tom and Will make their way back home, their hearts still pounding from the night's events. As they settle back into their beds, the memory of their daring adventure, the honey-filled backpacks, and the encounter with the mysterious wolf in the clearing lingers in their minds, creating a tale they will fondly recall for years to come.


The morning sun cast a warm glow over the village of Bywater as Holman Cotton made his way through the familiar streets towards The Green Dragon Inn. The previous night's events weighed heavily on his mind, and he knew he needed to address the situation with his boys.
Entering the cozy inn, the scent of hearty breakfasts and the sound of cheerful chatter greeted Holman. He spotted Old Noakes seated at a corner table, and a sense of relief washed over him. With a determined stride, Holman approached the old farmer, a genuine smile on his face despite his worries.
"Good morning, Mr. Noakes," Holman greeted warmly, drawing the attention of the older hobbit. "I must apologize for my boys' antics last night. They've told me everything this morning."
Old Noakes chuckled heartily, his eyes crinkling with amusement. "Ah, don't fret about that, Holman," he replied jovially. "Those lads of yours have a bit of adventure in their blood. I made sure they made it back home safely. It's that old wolf in the clearing that keeps me on my toes!"
Holman chuckled in agreement, grateful for Old Noakes' understanding. "Well, thank you for your kindness, Mr. Noakes," Holman said sincerely, reaching into his bag to pull out a bottle of mead. "I hope this makes up for any trouble they caused you." The old farmer accepted the gift with a nod and a smile. "No trouble at all, Holman," he assured. "Just keep a closer eye on those rascals, eh?"
As they spoke, Old Ruthie Overwater, a fixture at the inn, chimed in from her nearby table. "Aye, that's right," she interjected with a knowing nod. "I've heard whispers of a wolf in our clearings. It's a strange world we live in, much like the tales of old Bilbo Baggins and his unexpected adventures with Gandalf and those troublesome dwarves."
Holman and Old Noakes shared a chuckle at Ruthie's colorful commentary, the camaraderie of the village filling the air with warmth despite the lingering concerns. With promises to keep a closer eye on his adventurous sons, Holman bid farewell to the inn, a sense of gratitude and community lifting his spirits as he returned home to his beloved hobbit hole in Bywater.

END OF EPISODE (In Adventuring Phase)

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