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A little error in the journey example page 110 core rule book ?

Tue 02 Apr 2024, 16:47

I am writing this for anybody interessted in the journey mechanics. I dont know if there is special place for these issues
If so maybe somebody will kindly redirect this post .... unless i got proven wrong of cause.
All in all my reasoning is about 3 points fatigue for every party member, 4 points for the hunter and 8 days of traveltime instead of 2 points fatigue for everyone, 3 points for the hunter and 7 days of traveltime. I think the journey example got a tiny error because the journey event table was misinterpreted while calculating the 2. event.

My concern is the journey log on page 110 with an travel example. The journal text says that the example journey goes over 8 map hexes from weathertop to Fornost and requires 2 journey event rolls.

The first (feat) event roll brings up an 1d12= 8-9 and the event target roll (1d6) is1-2 = Scout. Therefore the party scout gets an "Short Cut" event and he suceeds his skill (exploration) roll. According to the tabel on page 112 the journey time is now reduced by 1 day and every adventurer gains 1 fatigue point. (If the scout failed his exploration roll there would be no positve effect and everybody just got one fatigue point).

The second (feat) event roll 1d12 brings up an 4-7 (Mishap) and the event target roll is 5-6 = Hunter. This time the party member (hunter) fails his skill (hunting) roll. According to the journey event tabel failing on a mishap means everybody gains 2 fatgue points, the taget character gets another one (3 fatigue for the hunter) and the journey length increases 1 day.

So as the result of 2 journey events we should have following result. Every party member gains 3 fatigue points, the hunter gains 4, and the party travels 8 days because a short cut and a failed mishap are negating themselves.
Instead the journal log on page 110 states ..... every party member gets 2 fatigue points, the hunter gets 3, and the party needs 7 days of travel time.

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