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scavenging : how often ?

Sat 23 Mar 2024, 18:03

hi there
How often do you let your players roll for survival to scavenge ? once per house (once per floor ?) ? once per neighbourhood ?
Do you allow several checks for a group ? or consider only one player should roll ?
In the beginning of an adventure, many of them don't stress points so can't "roll a walker"...
thanks for your feedback
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Re: scavenging : how often ?

Sun 24 Mar 2024, 16:01

The rules say you can only Scavenge once a day (page 93), but I would allow it more often under special circumstances, or when I am feeling extra nice :) Don't think of it as "searching one room", it is something that takes hours. Several people may scavenge at the same time.

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