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Movement distances on a battle map

Sat 16 Mar 2024, 13:34

In a Brawl type battle, how far to GMs allow people to move, presumably modified by a Mobility check?

The RAW (p67) says: 4 MOVEMENT: You may move one distance closer or further away from your opponent, for example from Long to Short range or vice versa. Roll Mobility. If someone chases you, make an opposed roll, Mobility versus Mobility. The winner moves one distance closer or further away from the opponent. An equal result means the distance stays the same. When someone gives up or the range goes beyond Extreme, the chase is over.

That makes sense for Theatre of the Mind style combat but when using a Battle Map players will want to know actual distances. The action system sounds like each round is quite short, say roughly 5 seconds long, so maybe 20 meters for free with each Mobility success adding a further 5m. Does that sound reasonable?

Thanks for any input.

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