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Campaign Notes

Wed 21 Feb 2024, 14:41

We are tracking our campaign/session notes, and I felt that I could also post them here for inspiration.

I have started out with Promised Land, and then used a slightly adapted version of Howling of the Doom Gods when the party had made it to Prios Pass. Next up we will have a short scenario set in Yndaros, where the party is heading for reasons of their character backgrounds. This short scenario will have some "seeds" planted for the Blooming Vale adventure site.

After the stop-over in Yndaros we will head up the hold. We will run Mark of the Beast and then some ruin adventure sides in Davokar before starting of the CoT campiagn.

The party consist of Elias, a novice member of the Ordo Magica. When more and more memebers of the Order moved north. Elias stayed back caring for his aging master. Shortly before his death, his master gave Elias an artefact called the Sunstone and asked hin to bring it to his old friend Master Vernam in Thistle Hold.
Elias is more of a scholar than a full blown mage, but he has learned a few magic tricks along the way.

Next there is Orlan, a scion of an impoverished noble house who had fought as a Captain in the Queens Army. His family fell out of favor for rumores that they had been in league with the enemy. Orlan knows that these rumors were planted by a rival house - the house Vearra, but has no evidence. His goal is to clean the name of his house, to take avenge from House Vearra and to restablish his house - of course at first he'll need some starting funds, and looks for exploring ruins in Davokar to get those.

The third character is Deveron, a member of a "merchant" family with ties to the criminal world. Deveron organized the acquisition of valuable artwork that was left behind in the old lands and shipped it to Ambria. Sometimes these pieces of art were indeed left behind, sometimes he organized them with other means. He plans to hook up with his cousin Destan, who heads their familiy operation in Yndaros. (Yes, we are talking Nobleman Destan, though I will slightly change this NPC)
[Note: Deverons player was not around for the first 2 sessions, so the character appears from session 3 onwards. It is assumed that he was traveling with the other PCs all along]

All three character have not yet been to Ambria, so the players and their characters will discover the setting in parallel.

Note: I have created a FATE adaptation of Symbaroum, which we use as a ruleset. This however is of little relevance for the story
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Re: Campaign Notes

Wed 21 Feb 2024, 14:45

Session 1: The Promised Land (I)

The Month of Serilia, late Autumn of the 21st year after War’s End - The Titans

Orlan and Elias are amongst a caravan of refugees leaving the failing lands of Alberetor and travelling to the promised lands of Ambria beyond the Titans.

As winter weather has come early this year, only a few refugees – about 20 families traveling in wagons – have made the decision to cross the mountain passes, while others have chosen to stay behind, braving the famine and cold of Alberetor for one last winter. Some members of the staff have already been to Ambria, and are now acting as caravan guards or beast handlers on the way back north.

Amongst the travelers is the Black Cloak Lestra – a monk of the One Church of Prios. He had come south from Ambria, and it is unclear why he has made this trip only to now travel back north.

Orlan and Elias befriended two young and outspoken brothers – Ludo and Belun – who have been to Ambria and are now acting as scouts for the caravan.

After a few day’s of travel Elias noticed that an artifact he was carrying – the Sunstone – had been stolen from his possessions. Orlan was able to pick up the thief’s tracks and the two followed this trail to an abandoned watermill in the wilds. Here the thief was meeting two bandits. While sneaking up on the trio, Elias and Orlan were able to overhear that the ruffians were expecting to bring the Sunstone to their leader – someone called Mal-Rogan.

Attacking the bandits, Elias lit one up with his fire magic and burned him to cinders. Orlan bested one of the bandits in close combat, gravely injuring him. When the remaining thief tried to get away, Bartolom clubbed him down with his staff.

After securing the Sunstone and binding the two remaining bandits, our two heroes interrogated their prisoners. It turned out that the bandits belong to a former unit of the Queen’s Army but had left their service after their captain was mortally wounded during the great war against the Dark Lord. This captain did not die, but returned as an undead, who now longs for finding a cure to lift this curse from himself. The Sunstone might be an artifact to do so. The thief Keller was sent out to steal the artifact from Elias's master – but as this master died, Keller followed Elias and now used the chance to steal the artifact. Orlan and Elias agreed to bring the Sunstone to Mal-Rogan. In exchange Keller and the remaining bandit Soren agreed to come with them back to the caravan in peace.

A few days later the young boy Ludo approach Elias. His brother Belun had come down with a fever. Elias investigated the patient and quickly realized that Belun was corrupted by dark magic. Interrogating Ludo, he found out that the two brothers had been part of a treasure hunting party in Davokar. The group had raided a tomb. After coming back to the town of Thistle Hold, many members of the party died or disappeared. The two brothers headed south, hoping to get away from the curse that had seem to have befallen the company. While Elias could dampen the fever and pain, he could not stop the corruption eating away at Belun’s body and soul. Ludo asked them not to inform anyone – he especially fears the attention of the Black Cloak Lestra.

Again a coupe of days later – the caravan has almost reached the end of the high plateau in the Titans, Orlan and Elias where out gathering firewood, when they heard a cry for help. They rushed over the next hilltop and saw Ludo fending off a large wolf with a stick. Ludo had already been bitten in the arm. Elias shot his magic fire at the wolf and Orlan attacked him with his sword. The wolf fell to their combined might. But when the wolf lay dying on the ground, he transformed into the naked body of a female elf. The elf wore a metal armband with elven symbols. Elias was able to identify them as marking of the Iron Pact – and old elven cult dedicated to protecting deep Davokar from human intrusion.

We left our heroes standing over the dead elf, wondering what will happen next.
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Re: Campaign Notes

Wed 21 Feb 2024, 14:52

Session 2: The Promised Land

The Month of Serilia, late Autumn of the 21st year after War’s End - The Titans

After defeating the wolf/Elf creature, Orlan and Elias try to piece together what has happened. The tracks show that the wolf has stalked Ludo for some time and then attacked him. Ludo himself is too scared to answer any meaningful questions. The other members of the caravan are shocked by discovering the dead elf and the caravan master urges everyone to quickly make haste.

The next day the caravan has to stop early due to a quickly gathering winter storm. The storm goes on for a whole night, and the caravon is caught in the snow. The next morning two more elves, one riding on a giant moose, approach the caravan. While one of the elves seems appears very beastlike in his demeanor, the other one addresses Orlan and Elias, who have gone out to meet the elves. He introduces himslef as Godrai and requests that Ludo and Belun are to be handed over. The two have broken the Iron Pact and ventured too far into the depth of Davokar. They are tainted and need to be killed in order to stop the spread of the taint. The elf gives the caravan until the next morning to hand over the two boys or everyone will be killed.

The caravan members are devided on how to proceed. In the end Orlan and Elias tip the scale - they will not hand over the boys. Orlan organises a defense of the caravan camp.

The next morning the two elves appear again with 3 further warriors. A frantic figth ensues. Olran and Elias manage to kill off Godrai and his companion (who turns into a bear during the fight). With their leaders dead, the remaining elves flee the battle. Two of the caravan members are dead, but it could have been much worse.

The snow clears and the caravan continues it's way. A few days later it descends from the mountains, reaching the promised lands.

What will our heros do next? Will they keep their promise to aid the undead Mal-Rogan? What will happen to the boys Ludo and Belund? And what further adventures will they have in the lands of Ambria and the vast forest Davokar? We play to find out ...
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Re: Campaign Notes

Wed 21 Feb 2024, 14:56

Session 3: Interlude at Prios Pass

The Month of Serilia, early Winter of the 21st year after War’s End - Prios Pass

After a 3 week perilious treck through the Titans, the caravan has finally reached Ambria, the promised land. While decending from the mountains, Olrlan, Deveron and Elias share their plans for the immediate future. All three first want to travel to Yndaros, the capital of Ambria. They also discuss how to deal with the loose ends from their journey across the mountains:

Soren will leave the caravan before reaching the Ambria border at Prios Pass. He askes them to seek him out in a coulple of days at the trading post of Jakad's Heart. He will then take them to his commander Mal-Rogan. While Elias has not committed to handing the Sunstone over, he is curious on how the artefact might affect the undead warrior.

The Black Cloak Lestra will, after reaching Prios Pass, take the two infected boys Ludo and Belun to the monastry of his order, which is localed close to Prios Pass in the mountains. There the two boys will be cared for.

During the last part of the treck to Prios Pass, the party notices that Lestra has some kind of argument with the weaver master Mogdas (one of the craftsmen travelling in the caravan). While they can't find out what this argument is about, they still wonder what a Black Cloak and a simple craftsman could have an argument about.

Arriving at Prios Pass, everyone in the Caravan is shocked to see a large tent camp sprawling in front of the river and the closed gates to the bridge leading into the village. Asking around, the party soon finds out that the arriving settlers are not only checked for corruption, but also assessed based on their work experience and physical fitness. Some settlers have been waiting over a month to pass the gates. While most are still optimistic and believe that the Queen will make sure they can cross into Ambria, others are rumored to have left the camp in order to join brigands and bandits roaming the border of Ambria.

The party even hears a rumor that to the far souteast of Ambria Baron Mergai of Dekanor is welcoming new settlers, even if they are not accepted officially into Ambria. The Baron is rumored to even uphold the faith in the Young Gods, which would be blasphemie in the eyes of the Curch of Prios. Some even say that the Baron has declared his lands an independed Kingdom. No one knows if these outragouse rumors are true, and the long treck along the border to reach Dekanor would also be full of danger for anyone who would put his faith in these stories.

For our party, all this is of little relevance, as they are soon told by caravan master Argasto that based on their heroic deeds during the trip across the Titans they would already be judged for entry into Ambria the next morning.

In the evening, Orlan and Elias observe further suspicious behavior between Lestra, Mogdas and the apprentices traveling with Mogdas. Elias notices, that Mogdas is wearing hidden armor. When asked about why he does so, Mogdas tells Elias to mind his own business. Later Orlan even overhears a further argument between Lestra and one of the apprentices. Lestra insist that he needs to take the infected boys to the monastry, while the apprentice reminds Lestra that he has been tasked to travel with them as an escort to bring "their cargo" save to the high seat of Prios at Templewall.

Later that evening, before going to bed, the party notices that something is wrong with them. A dark power is growing inside them. Deveron even displays a stigma of the Eternal Night, as his fingers turn into claws. Then the party hears panicked screams and sounds of combat from deeper within the camp. Rushing against the tide of fleeing people, the party faces a Blight-Born humaniod creature. Without fear the party engages the creature in combat. While it is a strong foe with tough armor, the manage to bring it down. Elias finishes off the monster by crushing its skull with his staff. During the fight Orlan receives a deep wound and Elias is burned by the acid blood of the creature. Deveron is unwounded, as he fought the creature with his longbow - he however is marked by the corruption of the Eternal Night. With great sadness the party realizes that the creature was Belun, who somehow transformed into this abonimation. Among his first victims is his younger brother Ludo.

Other fights rage at other locations across the camp, and the Queen's Rangers engage with other Blight-Bron creatures. The party however notices that the tent of Mogdas is on fire and rush over to investigate. They find Lestra with a sword wound to his gut, 2 dead fighters at his feet. Inside the burning tent they find another slain stranger and the corpse of one of the apprentices. Mogdas and the second apprentice are nowhere inside. Checking the wagon, the party discovers that it didn't carry and goods, but was a transport for a prisoner - the prisoner is also gone.

Elias manages to stabilize Lestra. The Black Cloak then confesses that Mogdas and his apprentices were also Black Cloaks. Together they were task to transport a heretic called Mother Elsana from her prison in the old capital to Templewall. The heretic is a powerful priestess of the Earthmother, who defied the rule of Prios and raged against the "Dark Sun God" and "False God of War". Lestra doesn't know if the attackers managed to free the heretic or if Mogdas and the other "apprentice" have been able to flee, taking their charge with them. If so, they would surely head for the safety of the Black Cloak Monastry, which is about half a day's travel into the mountains.

We leave the party amongst the chaos of the camp, with the sound of fights, panik and death still echoing through the night. They are wounded in body and feel the corruption in their souls. Blight-Born appeared out of nowhere within the camp and a dangerous heretic is somewhere out there. What will they do next ...?
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Re: Campaign Notes

Wed 21 Feb 2024, 14:59

Session 4: The Hunt for the Heretic

The Month of Serilia, early Winter of the 21st year after War’s End - Prios Pass

Last time we legft our party in the middle of the settlers' camp at Prios Pass, reeling from the appearance of Blight-Born monsters in the middle of the camp.

Orlan climbs onto the roof of the nearest wagon tho get a better overview. He spotts a fight between another Bligh-Born and a group of Queens Rangers. With his booming command voice he givethem tactical orders that helps them to bring the monster down.

Deveron is looking for tracks around the tent of the Black Cloaks, hoping to find out where the prisoner has gone. The panicked settlers however have run around, making this attempt futile.

Elias checks the prison wagon and finds that the bonds holding the prisoner have not been broken, but unlocked. Another pair of handcuffs seems to be missing. Hearing that, Lestra is hopeful that Mogdas has taken the prisoner and is trying to reach the safety of the nearby Twilight Monestary, less than a day's travel into the mountains.

Soon after the party is approached by Captain Egusta of the Queens Rangers. She thanks the party for their support, but also asks them if they anything more about the appearance of the Blight-Born and the background of the attack. The party decides not to tell her about the attack on the Black Cloaks and the missing prisoner.

Deveron checks the track leading out of the camp towards the monestary. Indeed he finds the tracks of 3 people walkign in that direction, one of them seemingly forced to go with the other two.

The party decides to rest until next morning to follow the tracks into the mountains.

When getting ready to leave the next morning, the party observes a commotion at the field kitchen tent. A mob has formed there. When they arrive, the party sees that a contingent of the Queens Raiders has arrested the Goblins working at the kitchen. Upon questioning the rangers, they learn that the Magus Ginda - who is responsible for maintainign health in the camp - has analyzed the remains of last evening's soup and found traces of a plant from the forest of Davokar which can induce corruption. The Goblins are accused of poisoning the soup and thereby creating the Blight-Born of last night.

The party joins the Captain Egusta at the Queens Rangers camp headquarter in questioning the Goblins. They deny any wrongdoing, as does the cook Arela who is also brought in for questioning. As the soup is always prepared at the kitchens of the tavern The Trout, a number of other people might have poisened the soup. Captian Egusta will follow up the investigation at the tavern, while the party finally leaves camp.

Half a day outside the camp the party makes a grim discovery: The body of Mogdas and the "apprentice" lie dead at their campsite with slit throats. The party has ot fight of a Kotka - a giant wildcat living in the mountains, that has been feasting on the corpses. They find traces of three attackers and a pair of unklocked shackles. In Mogdas hands Elias discovers a white and blue piece of cloth, likely torn from a shirt. Following the tracks a short while, Deveron finds out that the tracks go back towards the river and then split up. One person is heading back west towards Prios Pass, while three others have turned east along the river.

The party decides to bring the dead friars to their monestary. There they are welcomed and questioned by Mother Dealia. She didn't know anything about the planned prisoner transport, but she knows abut the heretic who she calls the "Night Lady". She asks the party to find the heretic and either capture or kill her. If they find her and the need help, they should get back to the Monestary for re-enforecements. Mother Dealia will also send out a few other search groups to cover as much ground as possible.

The party spends a night at the Monestary before going on the hunt for the missing heretic the next morning. Where will their search lead them and what dark secrets will they discover? Let's find out next week ...
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Re: Campaign Notes

Wed 21 Feb 2024, 15:01

Session 5: The Hunt for the Heretic (II)

The Month of Serilia, early Winter of the 21st year after War’s End - The wilderness east of Prio Pass

Last time we left our party resting at the Twilight Monastery, resting for the night and planning to follow the heretic's trail further into the wilderness.

Orlan, Deveron and Elias set out just after sunrise to follow the tracks. Mother Dealia reminds them that she will also send out search parties over the next days and reminds the group that they should head back to the monestary for reinforcements once they find the heretic - the Night Lady is too powerful to be taken on by the three of them alone.

The group follows the tracks back to the river, where it appears that one person started to head back west towards Prois Pass, while 3 others head further east up along the river. The party decides to follow the group east, and Deveron at first has no problem to follow the tracks.

A few hours later however, he seemingly confuses the trail at an intersection and the party heads up into the mountain. They stumble upon the lair of a dangerours looking troll. Luckily for the group, they detect the troll before it picks up their scent. Even though they are intrigued by the richly carved great hammer carried by the troll, the party decides to withdraw and leave the monster alone.

Deveron manages to pick up the trail again and after a few more hours it appears that the heretic and her company have crossed the wide river at a natural ford. Deveron however notices a guard post hidden amongst the trees on the other side. The party decides to wait for nightfall and cross the river under the cover of darkness. They are almost detected as Elias stumbles and splashes into the water. After this close call the group decides to better drift a couple of meters downriver and swim the rest of the way. Even though the water is very cold, everyone makes it to shore without any further problems.

The group now is wet and cold in the winter's night. Elias uses some alchemical ingredients to heat up a pile of stones, so the group can get warm and dry without lighting a visible fire. Afterwards Orlan proposes a new plan. While the other two will sneak up on the guard post, he will openly approach them and as for help and guidance for crossing into Ambria without proper inspection at Prios Pass.

Elias uses his levitation spell and Deveron sneaks up on the guardpost, so both get into position without any problem. Orlan then approaches the guardpost and tells his fake story to the four guards. They believe him and invite hin to their fire. He learns that they are part of a rebel/bandit group led by the Ice Witch - the daughter of a former barbarian chieftain who bend the knee to the Ambrian Queen and who is now a Baron under her rule. His daughter however did not accept this shameful surrender and has formed a rebel group, fighting the Ambrian rule from hiding places across the foothills of the Titans. Orlan also learns that the heretic and her 2 companions are staying as guests in the nearby rebel camp, before heading on to Dekanor. Orlan plans to travel with the guards to their camp the next mornign and even anounces that two other companions of his might cross the fort during the next hours.

Elias and Devron however have other plans. Unsure of how a visit to the bandit camp might play out, they decide that it would be better to take out the guards and proceed on their own. They wait until two guards are fast asleep and then plan to knock out the two remaining guards quietly. This plan however goes to shit very quickly. Elias manages to surprise one guard by "falling from the sky", but he only scores a glancing blow. Deveron makes some noise during his final approach and is detected by the other guard, who immediatly attacks him. A bloody skirmish evolves, with both Elias and Deveron receiving a number of wounds. Just as Orlan and the remaining guards wake up a start joining the battle, Deveron scores a deadly blow against his opponent. Orlan is also able to quickly dispatch one of the half awake guards. This turns the tide of the battle. One further guard is knocked out and the last one tries to flee the battle. Elias decides that where staff fighting is not enough and lights up the fleeing guard with a fireball. Orlan then finishes off the fleeing (and buring) guard with a brutal sword strike.

Covered in blood - their own and plenty more of their enemies, the group reflects on a plan gone downhill - but they decide to make the best of it. They throw the dead guards into the river and start covering up the signs of the fight. They also interrogate the remaining guard and get further confirmation to what the guards told before. They also learn of the exact location of the camp - hidden in a valley - and the number of fighters stations at the camp (about 25-30). After learning all they need, Orlan kills their prisoner and they throw his corpse into the river.

Instead of trying to get into the camp, the group plans to watch the camp's exit for the hereitc and her group and then follow her and attack once further away from the rebel camp.

Will the rebels discover the signs of the battle and try to hunt down the group? Will they manage to stay out of sight until the heretic leaves the camp? And will the group be able to take down the dangerous heretic? We will find out next time ...
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Re: Campaign Notes

Wed 21 Feb 2024, 15:02

Session 6: The Hunt for the Heretic (III)

The Month of Serilia, early Winter of the 21st year after War’s End - The wilderness east of Prios Pass

After taking out the brigands guarding the river crossing and gaining information on the whereabouts of of the Night Lady, we have last left the party while they were discussing how to proceed.

Knowing the route the heretic and her guards would take, the party decided to ravel east for a day and then set up camp, waiting the road for their target.

The second night while camping in the wilderness, Deveron was attacked by an undead Dragul. Almost chocked to death, he was rescued by his companions. Elias cruched the Dragul's skull with his quaterstaff.

After the fight the party was chocked to find out that the undead was no other than the brigand guard they had tortured, killed and then trown into the river. Somehow he came back to take revenge on his murderers. While similar events are known to have happened in the old lands, the group is shocked to find out that it seems they have not left all these horrors behind.

Concerned about further undead attacks the party decides to had back and stay closer to the brigands camp. However on the way they come across the heretic and her guards. Both groups are wary of each other, but conflict is avoided and they each go their ways.

Of course the party decides to follow the heretic and her guards. After a few days of travel they are ready to attack their prey during the night. Deverion and Orlan quickly manage to take out the two guards, but during the following struggle with the hertic she manages to cast a spell, making both Deveron and Orlan sink into the earth. The both manage to hold on to the hertic, even as teir flesh is crushed by the earth itself. Only when Elias manages to bind the hertic with the shackles taken from the Black Cloack is her power stopped.

After the fight, Orlan decides to speak to the heretic Motheer Elsana. She tells him about her believe and how Prios is supposed to be a god of just rulership and harmony, and how the church has turned him to a good of war and oppression. Her fight is with the church, not the gods. When asked about what she would do if they set her free, Mother Elsana says that she would not seek revenge, but that she would seek a new purpose in this new land. She wasn't aware of the "diversion" that was used to free her and condemnes any use of the corrupting darkness.

The group decides to set her free and they part ways. A few days later back in Prios Pass, they inform Lestra and the Queen's Rangers that while they have caught the people responsible for the carnage in the refgugee camp, the heretic got away. Lestra is disappointed by this news, but finally believes them. He will travel to the Twilight Monestary.

The group is issued the pass to enter the Promised Land of Ambria. They decide to not seek out the undead bandit Mal-Rogan, but to travel north towards Yndaros.

What adventures await next? Let's find out ...

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Re: Campaign Notes

Wed 28 Feb 2024, 11:32

Session 7: Interlude in Yndaros
The Month of Serilia, early Winter of the 21st year after War’s End - The Capital city of Yndaros

After the events surrounding the night Lady, the party has finally made it into Ambria and has made its way to Yndaros

The party takes the road from Prios Pass to Yndaros. While the voyage is uneventful, the character are eager to learn about live of the settlers in Ambria, The smaller towns and villages they pass all demonstrate that while live in the new land is not easy, overall there is a positive "can do" mindest of everyone that has made it into Ambria. Especially the Queen is held in high regard. Everywhere they pass, the characters see new construction and development.

Arriving in Yndaros, the characters are impressed by the magnificant structures of the Queen's Palace, the Towers of the Ordo Magica, the Cathedral and other structures from the old ruins on which the city has been build. On the other hand there is again a large refugee camp on the outskirts of the city. Glamour and poverty seem to exist next to each other. The party takes to an inn called the Howling Wolf and spend the evening talking to locals and getting a feel for the mood of the city.

The next day everyone follows up on their individual contacts.

Elias goes to the Towers of the Order to notify the Order of his arrival in Ambria. There he is greeted by Master Mallianos, who welcomes him to Ambria and gives him permission to access the laboratories and libraries of the Order. As Elias expresses an interest in exploration, Mallianos also advises him to seek out the Order in Thistle Hold, as this outpost is organizing expeditions and excavations into Davokar.

Orlan heads to the Army Headquarters in the Fortress Doudram outside of the city to hand in his resignation. He is passed through to the commanding officer Seneschall Bartho, who treats him with respect but - given Orlan's family history - is also relieved that Orlan will not pose a political problem for the Army. Orlan also meets some veterans from the war and they agree to later meet in some bars.

Deveron heads out to find the trading house of his family. He is dismayed to learn that the business went into bancrupcy 3 years ago and that his brother and sister seemingly left the city. The only family member Deveron can locate is his cousing Dastan. Dastan however is no merchant, but a lef styled thief king "ruling" over the old town district. He welcomes Deveron to Yndaros, but is Deveron is disgusted by his cousin's station and behavior. Dastan suggest Deveron to travel on to Thistle Hold and "do his part for the family business" by organizing artefacts from Davokar to then be sold by Dastan in Yndaros. Dastan has no clue where Deveron's brother and sister have disappeared to, but he tells Deveron that his brother has a bastard son, a 14 year old "street rat" called Azuk. He will look for Azuk and asks Deveron to come back the next night.

In the evening the characters meet back at their in. There they are approached by a nervous Ordo novice who Elias already met briefly at teh Towers. The novice introduces himself as Lucius. He is looking for help finding his missing friend Ranfas, who is also a novice at teh Ordo. Lucius doesn't want to involve the magisters at the Order, as he is concerned of bringing trouble down on Ranfas.

Ranfas was apprentice to a Magista called Trobela, who regulalry organized expeditions into Davokar. A few moths ago, Ranfas was the sole survivor of an expedicition into Davokar, during which Magistra Trobela and others went missing. Ranfas claimed to have no memories about what happened in Davokar. After coming back to Yndaros, Ranfas was reinstatetd as a scribe at the Towers. Over the last few weaks, Lucius noticed some strange behavior of his friend. It all culminated in Ranfas breaking into the Ordo library to search some documents. He was caught and sent home. Since then he has disappeared.

The party agrees to help and they set out to Ranfas' appartment. There they find his journal. The last entries show that Ranfas is looking "for the princess" and hoped to find clues in Trobela's notes in the Tower library. But apparently he didn't find what he wanted.

What will the party do next to find out what happened to Ranfas? Where does this trail lead? Let's find out next week.

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