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Re: Distinctive Feautures - Specialities, Where is my Gardner?

Fri 23 Feb 2024, 00:04

Hello, i am making the trasition in the One Ring RPG 1st edition to 2e. One thing that was very nice and i am missing is the specialities, but where are they in the 2e? How i could create Samwise Gamge, the Gardner?

The specilities intoduced a very nice customization in the game in my opinion.....A stoneworker Dwarf tink in diferent way that a Cookerer one, even if they are from Blue Mountains and both have Teasure Hunters as Callings....

The Free League put this specialities in some other place? Is there a planning to publish a list ?
You should re-post in the One Ring/General thread. This one is for the 5e version. Someone there will get you an answer, I am sure.

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