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Distinctive Feautures

Mon 17 Jul 2023, 13:12

Hey fellow DM's and Players, I do hope to find some help here.
We are creating characters for LotR Roleplaying 5th.
The Heroic Cultures Backgrounds gives the characters Distinctive Features.
I'm looking everywhere but I can't find the descriptions of these features.
f.i. Elves of Lindon Sky-Watcher receives Patient and Wary as their Distinctive Feature.

But what thus that mean ? Is there somewhere a list with Features (not Feats)
thanks for helping in this matter
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Re: Distinctive Feautures

Mon 17 Jul 2023, 16:15

I find that most personality traits are self-explanatory, but any disputes should be resolvable by referencing any good dictionary.
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Re: Distinctive Feautures

Tue 18 Jul 2023, 06:29

The Distinctive Features, if I recall correctly, provide no specific mechanical benefit other than providing the GM with some guidelines around how/when to award Inspiration (see page 27: Inspiration in MiddleEarth). Therefore, there are no descriptions or definitions provided for the Distinctive Features of each Background.
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Re: Distinctive Feautures

Tue 18 Jul 2023, 09:47

Thank you so much
this explains a lot
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Re: Distinctive Feautures

Wed 18 Oct 2023, 05:37

You could try it one of two ways, whichever you like or fits your style of play.
If they use a distinctive feature in Roleplaying in a scene or usually asks if the trait can be used after Roleplaying then you can allow them to roll with advantage.


You can allow them to roll an extra die (1d4, 1d6, etc) depending on their proficiency bonus (+2, +3, etc) with the D20 when they use a trait. :)
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Re: Distinctive Feautures

Sun 18 Feb 2024, 17:51

Hi, the Distinctive Features descriptions are featured in the One Ring. If you want a list, send me a message and I will be happy to provide their particular descriptions.
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Re: Distinctive Feautures

Tue 20 Feb 2024, 11:27

In my game I allowed my players to pick any two distinctive features upon character creation that summarize their character's personality.

now during play, Once every session a player may invoke one of these features to get inspiration for a specific role. They may do so if they feel their action is particularly fitting for the distinctive feature. Then the other players (not the dm) decide if they agree and grant the player the inspiration.

It works very well in my games. creates a lot of positive mechanical interaction between the players
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Re: Distinctive Feautures

Tue 20 Feb 2024, 17:55

The complete list of Distinctive Features is in The One Ring rulebook, page 67 if I remember correctly. Still no mechanic tough, just description
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Re: Distinctive Feautures

Tue 20 Feb 2024, 21:40

Since it's really just a roleplaying guide, I allow my players to alter the distinctive features to suit their PC. However, if the PC gets deeply into their Shadow Paths, they have to add their Flaws to their distinctive features, which can have game mechanic effects.
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Re: Distinctive Feautures - Specialities, Where is my Gardner?

Wed 21 Feb 2024, 21:02

Hello, i am making the trasition in the One Ring RPG 1st edition to 2e. One thing that was very nice and i am missing is the specialities, but where are they in the 2e? How i could create Samwise Gamge, the Gardner?

The specilities intoduced a very nice customization in the game in my opinion.....A stoneworker Dwarf tink in diferent way that a Cookerer one, even if they are from Blue Mountains and both have Teasure Hunters as Callings....

The Free League put this specialities in some other place? Is there a planning to publish a list ?

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