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River Travel Help

Sun 04 Feb 2024, 22:25

has anyone ran some river travel?

my players are travelling from Tharbad to Lon Daer, just wondering how best to run this

any thoughts would be appreciated
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Re: River Travel Help

Mon 05 Feb 2024, 17:12

Travel Speed Using Boats on a River:
  • 20 miles per day downstream
  • 5-10 miles per day against the current
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Re: River Travel Help

Tue 06 Feb 2024, 10:49

Our group has not much interacted with water in general but I remember our LM asked some Athletics tests instead of Explore/Perception for travel by water.

Another interesting addition is using navigator's tools for travels by water. I know that they are specified for sea travel, but in that sense, it can be a pretty useless tool in Eriador and nobody would want those tools. In fact that's the reason I didn't choose a Sky Watcher background for my Elf of Lindon: it was pretty useless for me and my group, and I chose instead the Tower Guard background with her nice Cartographer's Tools proficiency. If we understand that navigator's tools include some kind of gear for river boats, they'll be more appealing in game terms.
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Re: River Travel Help

Tue 20 Feb 2024, 18:15

potential dangers that can arise from entering a river with high water levels.

Powerful currents:
Debris and hidden obstacles:
Limited visibility:
Rapid changes in water levels:
Dangerous Fauna: like crocodiles, hipos, etc

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