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Healing/Recovering Conditions

Wed 31 Jan 2024, 04:38

In many of the Mysteries I’ve run, and about to run the “Out of Time” bundle:
The kids are placed away from their Anchor and Hangouts where they would normally go to heal/recover from Conditions.
For example: in the Haunted House, they don’t have the opportunity to just leave, recover, and come back to pick up where they left off.
Would a Lead skill roll by another kid in their group be appropriate to “heal” others’ Conditions?
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Re: Healing/Recovering Conditions

Wed 31 Jan 2024, 19:31

Typically other Kids cannot be your anchor, and external and safe space is needed.
Haunted House is a very short mystery and I think recovering conditions is not on the agenda, I recall it is supposed to be one night in a spooky house.
If you are running longer mysteries where the kids are too remote from their hideout, I'd suggest introducing a temporary substitute Anchor, an adult NPC or hideout that they can use.

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