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Stacking Conditions

Sun 28 Jan 2024, 14:22


New to Vaesen and just wanted to clarify something with regards to conditions, in the core rules it states

"While you are suffering from a Condition you get 1 fewer die for all rolls that are linked to either physical or mental attributes. Also worth noting is that Conditions stack, meaning that two Conditions of the same type will subtract two dice from your dice pool."

I get that they stack in terms of a character picking up say, Frightened and Hopeless but does this also mean a character can get the same condition more than once, for example get Frightened twice and have a -2 modifier?
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Re: Stacking Conditions

Sun 28 Jan 2024, 22:18

When you take a condition, you select a condition with a different name. You choose a condition (of the right type) that fits the situation best. So if you push a mental skill, you could pick the condition hopeless. If you later take another mental condition, you have to pick either angry or frightened. If all three mental conditions have been taken, you have to take broken. You have -1 to all mental skills for each mental conditions you have.

And of course the exact same rule applies to physical conditions.

Technically, the name of the conditions is bit flavour to the game, they have the same effect (-1 to all skills of its type).
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