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Order FRIA76398 - older but realized still didn't get stuff

Sat 13 Jan 2024, 22:10


Sorry, in the process of updating my passwords after today's event, I realized that my account history shows I never got my physical product for this order (way, way, back with Funagain logistics). Order was place back on June 22, 2022.

PDF was fulfilled way back when, and while I was waiting forever I ended up picking up a copy that appeared in a local store. Then because I could see it on my shelf, seems that I forgot about this order.

It was during a 50% off sale, so I really have no idea how to handle this if we were to do a refund or ship it now (which totally might not fit the current financial situation of Free League). I don't blame you guys at all, there was a reason Funagain went out of business. Just wondering how we proceed. I'm not opposed to having a 2nd copy of this. Would make a great gift or help to entice players with a 2nd table copy.

Thanks, hopefully your weekend after the Event was pleasant. And not frozen. Like mine.
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Re: Order FRIA76398 - older but realized still didn't get stuff

Sat 13 Jan 2024, 22:50

Don't worry! I will register a reshipment for you, or send you a voucher. I will send you a PM before I do, so you can confirm the shipping address and weigh in how you want to proceed.

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