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Re: TWDU Wolves' Den Beta Feedback

Wed 31 May 2023, 18:51

Page 10, ANGELA GARCIA stat block
Under Appearance, Angela is described as having "red hair" but the picture of her at the top of the page shows her with black hair. It would make sense for the written description to match the picture.

Likewise, the descriptions of Matthew Green and Rebecca Lee on p. 15 don't match the pictures (Matthew's shirt is green in the picture, and Rebecca's is purple; Rebecca's hair doesn't look very curly either).
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Re: TWDU Wolves' Den Beta Feedback

Wed 29 Nov 2023, 14:04

Late to the party, but there is mention of a van in the Walkers in the woods section of the starting scene, and it makes an assumption that the PC's can drive through the walkers on the road if the Pc's mess up. thats fine, but nowhere in the preceding text or setup for the adventure does it mention the PC's have access to, or use of a van (which surely would raise the threat level immediately to 2 from the engine noise)

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