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"Use ingredient" for spellcasting

Mon 20 Nov 2023, 17:47

Another general handling question: how does everyone handle the use of ingredients for spellcasting? The PHb only mentions the benefit of using proper ingredients during spellcasting, so that the Power Level of the spell increases by one. But how long does this "extra" take to use/integrate?
Do your spellcasters apply this as part of the Slow spellcasting action (basically taking no time, like a Free action), or do you require extra actions like "Ready item" (Fast action, analogue to drawing a weapon) and/or "Use item" (Fast action, from the general list in the Combat section)? Just curious?
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Re: "Use ingredient" for spellcasting

Mon 20 Nov 2023, 19:21

I asked about this a while ago, and the tl;dr is I think that your grimoire should be a hefty book with big, thick pages, with room for ingredients, so it's a Ready action to get your grimoire out the first time, then flicking to the right page, casting the spell with the help of your grimoire and potentially ingredients is a full action.

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