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Errata - Where ?

Tue 14 Nov 2023, 11:38

Hi all,
I've got the initial Kickstarter copy of the core rules, and Urban Ops, and i know that there have been some updates to the rules since those printings (e.g. ROF). I've got the official PDFs as well and i know the updates will be folded into their - but i'm hoping there's an errata somewhere with all of the updates. I've searched but cannot find such a document - does anyone know where i can find this please.
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Re: Errata - Where ?

Fri 17 Nov 2023, 20:40

I had a look myself and can't find it...
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Re: Errata - Where ?

Mon 20 Nov 2023, 12:11

So i've looked around the forum and i've only found 3 official updates from Tomas, i'll list them below including the url to the thread :

Ammo Dice
The new wording on the relevant paragraphs on page 66 in the Player's Manual goes:
AMMO DICE: Firearms give you ammo dice to add to your skill roll. Six such tan colored D6s are included in this boxed set. You can add as many ammo dice to your attack as you like, from zero up to the rate of fire (RoF) rating of your weapon or the number of rounds left in the magazine minus one, whichever is lower. For example, if you have three rounds left, you can add up to two ammo dice.
If you have only one round left, you cannot add any ammo dice to our roll. In this case, or if you choose to use no ammo dice, only one (1) round of ammunition is used in the attack. This is typically only the case for sniper shots (page 63), but can also be useful if you are very low on ammo or your weapon is in a bad condition (low reliability rating).
AMMO SPENT: After your roll, you sum up the D6 digits on all of your ammo dice, then add one (1) to the result. This sum is the total amount of ammunition you have spent on the attack. If the sum on your ammo dice is equal to or more than the number of rounds you have left in the magazine, your magazine is completely emptied.

Prone & Cover
The intent behind the "You cannot be both prone and behind cover" line is that you cannot claim the prone modifier (-1) while behind cover. If you're behind cover, full or partial, the cover rules apply, and there is no -1 modifier for also being prone.
And yes, the intent is also that if suppressed while behind partial cover, you will drop to a prone position and thus also go into full cover.You can seek cover in your hex even when prone.

5th Division Location
The July mention on RM page 11 is an error - the correct month for Reset is April.
The 5th division marking on the Poland map on RM page 14 is for the main remnants of the unit. As you can see in the Order of Battle on page 12, and in further detail on page 57, 5th division is down to 6% manpower and 4% combat vehicles - i.e. not a functioning unit at all any longer.
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Re: Errata - Where ?

Mon 20 Nov 2023, 13:01

The update list on drivethru lists:


A few minor edits have been made: Players' Manual: Page 66: The ammo dice rules have been clarified and slightly modified. Page 112: Fragmentation grenades and improvised grenades no longer have a direct damage effect. Page 113: HE rounds for vehicle cannons up to 73mm have slightly increased armor penetration. Referee's Manual: Page 11: Clarifies that the Operation Reset offensive was launched in April 2000.
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