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Missing linked resources in IDML files

Sun 05 Nov 2023, 17:22

The Free League Templates are a wonderful resource - but they don't include the graphics used in the templates in a folder as part of the zip file download, as they do for the fonts. The logos, page furniture and backgrounds can't therefore be imported to another DTP program such as Affinity Publisher. Is there any chance you could add the missing assets to these downloads on DTRPG or make them available elsewhere so they can be re-linked in other DTP applications? Pretty Please :)

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Re: Missing linked resources in IDML files

Sun 12 Nov 2023, 09:16

Came here to say the same thing, after downloading the Coriolis templates...

Could we please, please, please, get the graphics as well?

[Edit: Just found out that one can get the page background images by selecting and copying them from the Word template, but then one has to make changes to the layout of the Affinity template (in my case) to make use of one solid background image, which feels a slightly irritating extra step to me...]

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