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Re: Who were unharmed by the Blood Mist?

Sat 11 Nov 2023, 20:06

I can see why children were safe. Depending on which neuropsychology research applied ofc. Children don't form the neural connections that the process of putting concepts together through the means of connected words allow until a few years into their life, so - even though they know the feeling of fear and can be scared when a parent is scared - they won't know that they are conceptually homesick, and thus immune. It's possible that this helped the gene pools in villages - kids exchange in between two nearby villages, or Raven Sisters distributing children while in animal form. (Sorry expressing something that must've been awfully traumatic so bluntly!)
My thinking (which is not necessarily right) is that Bloodlings are intelligent beings with a task: to weed out those not fit for life according to the Bloodlings' specific standards. The reason children of all kinds are spared, is that they are not eligible for judgement until they have reached maturity.

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