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Question that Ebon Hawk asked on Discord that so far no-one's had an answer to - the character sheet includes a Favored Gear section, but this does not seem to be referenced anywhere. The pre-gen characters for Electric Dreams each have an item listed here, but it does not appear in their Gear or Weapons sections (depending) - and presumeably if it was a weapon they owned it would. So what is this section for, iis it something that's been dropped from the rules but not removed from teh character sheets? Should they actually have these items or is this just what they will want to obtain? If anyone can clarify this I'd be grateful.
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That was something in the first versions of the kickstarters pdf as I recall. It was discarded early on, it can still be on the oldest character sheets
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Yeah, it's on the early PDFs but not on the ones now available in DTRPG. Doesn't seem to be referenced in any of the versions of the rules I have though.
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Characters in the Alien RPG have Signature Items:

"SIGNATURE ITEM: In addition to your nor-
mal gear, you also have a signature item—a small
item that’s not of much practical use, but that has
sentimental value to you and that says something
about your character. Signature items are usually
tiny (see next page) and thus don’t encumber you
at all. Common examples include a patch, a cap, or a
photo of a loved one."

Perhaps "Favored Gear" in the Blade Runner RPG was meant to be something similar?

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