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Re: Help me improve the talents for the Minstrel and Rouge

Fri 27 Oct 2023, 09:31

I think that if they were limited to 1 WP for 1 damage it would be more fair, as in they can spend only 1 WP per attack. Now this is probably a rank 3 talent you are talking about, so then I guess it is ok for the game in its current form. But it could be a bit boring to plan for an epic fight with a NPC when a PC can choose to just one-shot it.
That's currently an issue in our group - finding a proper game balance for this. When the party has a high WP budget, they can really tear down a lot of powerful opposition, esp. through the Rank 3 Talents, and through Healing Skills, Talents and Spells. Without this back-up, things change dramatically, there's a LOT of volatility!

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