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Rules Clarification: Replicant Advantages after Creation

Wed 30 Aug 2023, 05:25

I was looking through the Core book trying to find a list of replicant advantages post creation. I could not find one. Going from memory and trying to find what I can, am I correct that after creation (which of course they have advantages given there) the only in-play advantages are:
  • They can push twice (all failures = stress even if STR or AGL)
  • They can heal 2 points per downtime
Are there more?
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Re: Rules Clarification: Replicant Advantages after Creation

Tue 24 Oct 2023, 23:45

Replicants have two more health and two less stress. They also have one additional physical attribute point.
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Re: Rules Clarification: Replicant Advantages after Creation

Fri 27 Oct 2023, 18:39

Replicants have different Critical Stress Effects. Some are better or worse w/r/t Human Critical Stress Effects.

Baseline test is a disadvantage overall but it does give Replicants the opportunity of gaining a Promotion point. The one time our PC Replicant had to take a Baseline, he sailed through it easily.

Replicants suffer Stress instead of Damage when pushing skill rolls using Strength or Agility.

In the mission Electric Dreams, I recall Quell is noted as being more cooperative with Replicant officers.

In my homebrew follow-up Case, a foreign corp caused a smallpox outbreak in LA. I ruled that all Replicants had gene-coded immunity to the variola virus, whereas only older humans would have been vaccinated. Foreign corp was attempting to foment unrest against Wallace Corp and replicants in general. (Replicants being tougher and designed for working in the dangerous off-world colonies should give them a survivability edge versus diseases, poison, radiation, and vacuum IMO).

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