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Re: How many dice needed?

Sun 23 Jul 2023, 21:20

The English plural of "die" is "dice." "Dice" is already plural.
That depends upon which nation one's from. The UK has used «dice» as both singular and plural for decades. The US generally uses «die» as singular, but the UK use is creeping in as RPGs and boardgames globalize.

Interesting. I didn't know that. Is the phrase "the die is cast" not used in the UK?

Here is the U.S., I have noticed that younger gamers are starting to use the plural "dices," which makes my skin crawl.
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Re: How many dice needed?

Sun 20 Aug 2023, 18:56

30 yellow
40 black
and then you sleep calmly
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Re: How many dice needed?

Tue 19 Sep 2023, 04:31

You "hypersleep" calmly s-leya-sl

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Re: How many dice needed?

Sun 24 Sep 2023, 12:18

Thanks for comments on die and on dice .

The phrase "the die is cast" is used here - but it has that Shakespearean ethos to saying it now. And a lot of such quotes are used with a bit of a nod to the idea that they are a little archaic.

As kids (I am 60+ now) we would say "roll the dice" when there was only one on the board. Learning that "A dice" is technically incorrect had to wait until I was older. Even my quite picky father never corrected us on this point, so I have to concede that the use of "dice" in the UK to mean either singular or plural was - and probably still is - common parlance.

And you can guess how much in hurts me to say to an American, that we in Britain are in error over a grammatical point.

However I thank you for your observation, it made me chuckle.

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