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Re: TOR or LOTR 5E for roleplaying novice

Tue 12 Sep 2023, 21:46

I own both TOR and 5E versions and both are really solid. I've heard others speak highly of TOR so I'll throw in some ideas about why you might pick the 5E version.

[1] The basic 5E rules are a free download on the WotC main website. (Both a player and DM version.) The 5E LotRR rules aren't exactly the same, but the free rules would give a general guide about how the game works. That means that a person who knows 5e can pick up this version with minimal effort.

[2] D&D is the "gold standard" for RPGs, in that D&D dominates the RPG market and has done so for decades. If you want to find players, it will be easier to find folks who want to play 5E than almost any other RPG on the market. Not to say that 5E is better than TOR, but it's more popular. My game store loves to have me run 5E-based games and is less enthusiastic about non-5E games. Other game stores may be similar?
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