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EVAC an Alien tie-in cinematic - play report

Wed 06 Sep 2023, 07:52

EVAC an Alien tie-in cinematic - play report

Main Characters (PCs)
Lieutenant Yui Fukuda (Jackals Delta Squad Leader), Sergeant Layla Duncan-Tran (second-in-command Delta Squad), Brion (synthetic smartgun operator Delta Squad) and Corporal Das (Comtech and Pilot Delta Squad).

Secondary characters (NPCs)
Dam survivors: (Group Leader Gno, Wetsel, Perez (MSS Loyalty Officer), Hekova).
Dam scientists: (Director Ilyasov, Alexi, Bogdan, Mian).
Village survivors: (Schmidt, Child Tela, Mother Li, Uncle Morales).
Backup Delta Squad: (private Jesper and private Jones).

The Landing

The dropship Hard Boil touched down on the landing platform at Romashka Outpost, the torrential rain and howling winds of the tropical storm intensifying as they disembarked. The jungle seemed alive with the ominous sounds of the xenomorphs, and the situation was dire.
"Brace yourselves, Marines," Lieutenant Yui Fukuda barked, his voice barely audible over the raging storm. He took a quick headcount of his squad, ensuring everyone was present. The group meets Ngo, Wetsel and Hekova (a group of survivors). They lead them inside.
The harsh reality of their situation became apparent. The damaged engine of the dropship Hard Boil would need repairs before they could evacuate the colony. The maintenance panel on the starboard engine displayed error messages, and the damage was evident. Das, the dropship pilot, was the logical choice to stay and make the necessary repairs.
"Das, we need that engine operational. Do whatever it takes to fix it," Fukuda ordered. Hekova, one of the Romashka workers, offered to help Das scavenge for the necessary parts within the Dam interior structure.
"Come with me, Das. We'll find those parts together," Hekova said. They ventured into the dimly lit interior of the Dam, their flashlights cutting through the darkness as they searched for the necessary components.
Meanwhile, outside the Dam, the squad realized they were far from safe. A pack of prowler xenomorphs was stalking the area, their hissing and chittering echoing through the jungle. These creatures were fast, agile, and deadly.
Fukuda quickly organized the group to enter the Dam's interior, where the workers and scientists had sought refuge. The Dam's interconnected chambers provided some semblance of safety, but the xenomorphs were relentless.

The Spillway Gate

"We need to clear the spillway gate," Ngo said, urgency in her voice. "That debris is going to choke it, and the water pressure could flood the entire compound."
Brion, Wetsel, Bogdan, Mian, and Private Jesper were tasked with the perilous mission of clearing the debris from the spillway gate. As they worked together, the group discovered the lifeless body of the missing scientist, Alexi. His demise was a grim reminder of the danger they faced.
Brion's synthetic voice crackled over the intercom as he reported, "We've reached the spillway gate. It's a mess here. We need to move fast." Fukuda acknowledged the report. "Clear that gate, Marines. Our lives depend on it."
As they wrestled with the debris, a prowler xenomorph suddenly lunged at them from the shadows. Chaos erupted as gunfire and screams filled the air. The creature's acid blood splattered on Brion, causing his synthetic form to smoke and sizzle. Brion realizes he can still go on. Private Jesper and Bogdan fell victim to the relentless predator.

At The Dam

Back inside the Dam, Ilyasov, the Project Director, made his demands clear to Fukuda. He wouldn't leave without his precious weapon prototypes and data records (saved in the computer-core in the Testing Lab compound of the village). PCs were trapped in a deadly game, forced to retrieve these items to secure the evacuation of the scientists and workers.
"We have no choice," Layla Duncan-Tran whispered to Fukuda. "We need to play along for now."

The Generator control

But the challenges kept coming. The generator control was failing, and Brion's group (Brion, Wetsel and Mian) was tasked to reboot the system.
As they reached the generator room, the flickering lights cast eerie shadows. Suddenly, a prowler xenomorph emerged from the darkness, its feral grin revealing razor-sharp teeth. The ensuing battle was brutal, and this time, Mian and Wetsel met a gruesome end as the creature's claws tore through their flesh. No news came from Brion.

The Garage Workshops

Back at the Dam, the second group (Fukuda, Layla, Ngo, Perez, and Ilyasov), were attempting to fix a daihotai tractor in the garage workshops. They knew that they'd need this vehicle to reach the village later. As they searched for parts, the storm raged outside, with howling winds and torrential rain making the task even more challenging.
Perez, a veteran of the Outpost, spoke up, "We need to find those tractor parts fast. This storm isn't going to wait for us."
As they scoured the garage, Layla discovered a stack of crates that looked promising. "I think I've found the parts we need," she called out.
Just as they thought they were making progress, another prowler xenomorph pounced. Perez's scream echoed through the garage as the creature impaled him on its elongated tail, lifting him off the ground before releasing him to fall lifelessly to the floor. Private Jones met a similar fate as the squad fought desperately for survival.
As the survivors regrouped and communicated through their intercom devices, they realized the gravity of their situation. The storm showed no signs of relenting, and the xenomorph threat was far from over. Director Ilyasov's demands still loomed over their heads.
Fukuda's voice crackled over the intercom, "We've lost too many good people. But we can't give up. Not now. We need to stick together, complete Ilyasov's demands, and get out of this hellhole."
The Romashka Outpost had become a deadly trap, and the Jackals would need every ounce of their strength, determination, and cunning to survive and complete their mission.

Brion is alive

Brion's synthetic form had weathered the corrosive assault of the xenomorph's acid blood. The malfunction had been a temporary setback. He'd successfully dealt with both the spillway gate and the generator control, ensuring the Dam's integrity. Now, he made his way back to the dropship to assist Das and Hekova in the repairs.
Over the intercom, Brion's voice crackled with a synthetic calmness, "This is Brion. I've cleared the spillway gate and rebooted the generator. I'm on my way back to the dropship to help with repairs."
Fukuda acknowledged, relief evident in his tone. "Good work, Brion. We could use your expertise over here."
The battered and depleted group had no time to mourn their fallen comrades. Private Jesper, Private Jones, Wetsel, Perez, Alexi, Bogdan, and Mian had given their lives for the mission, and their sacrifices weighed heavily on the survivors.

The Village

This group now consisted of Fukuda, Layla, Ngo, and Ilyasov. They were aboard a daihotai tractor, navigating through the storm towards the village, determined to rescue Schmidt, Tela, Li, and Morales. The relentless rain hammered against the tractor's windshield, making it difficult to see the path ahead.
Layla's voice cut through the din of the storm, "We need to find them quickly. This place gives me the creeps."
Ngo, who had grown increasingly anxious, added, "I still believe we should head back to the dropship. This is madness."
But Ilyasov was unyielding, his desire for his weapon prototypes and data unwavering. "We must retrieve what's rightfully ours. The testing lab compound is our destination."
As they approached the village, a surreal and horrifying scene unfolded. Corpses littered the streets, twisted into grotesque shapes by the relentless onslaught of the xenomorphs. The tension in the tractor was palpable as dread settled over them.
Fukuda clenched his jaw, his knuckles white as he gripped the steering controls. "Stay alert, everyone. We'll find them."

The Medlab Compound

However, their search of the village yielded no signs of Schmidt, Tela, Li, or Morales. The medlab compound, where they were supposed to be hiding, was eerily deserted. The group heard a terrifying scream. Objects were moving in the yard. Panic gnawed at Ngo, her voice quivering as she said, "I told you, we should leave."
But just as frustration began to boil over, a barking sound pierced the air. It was a dog, a mangy mutt, barking and wagging its tail. The tension in the group evaporated as they realized they had been duped by the animal's playful antics. Ilyasov's voice was cold and impatient, "Enough of this. Let's move."

The Generator Compound

They followed the dog, which seemed to be leading them towards the generator compound. It was the only place left to search. As they arrived, Schmidt, Tela, Li, and Morales emerged from the compound, their faces etched with a mix of relief and anger.
Schmidt's voice was laced with bitterness as he said, "Took you long enough. We've been holding up here, trying to keep the electricity and heating going."
Ngo and Ilyasov exchanged heated words. Ngo insisted on heading back to the dropship, while Ilyasov remained fixated on the testing lab compound. The argument escalated until Fukuda intervened, demanding they put their differences aside for the sake of their survival.

The testing Lab compound

Reluctantly, they agreed to proceed to the testing lab compound. The tractor trudged through the rain-soaked jungle, visibility reduced to almost nothing. The tension was suffocating as they approached their destination.
Suddenly, the tranquility of the storm was shattered by a blood-curdling screech. Xenomorphs emerged from the shadows, their sleek, forms illuminated by the tractor's headlights.
Fukuda shouted, "Get ready! We're not leaving without those prototypes and data!"
They fought valiantly against the onslaught of xenomorphs, their pulse rifles unleashing bursts of deadly fire. The creatures were relentless, their acidic blood sizzling as it splattered on the jungle floor.
In the chaos of the battle, Schmidt and Tela fell victim to the xenomorphs. Li and Morales fought desperately to protect each other.
As they made their final stand, Ilyasov, who had been unyielding in his quest, found himself cornered by a xenomorph. His screams of agony echoed through the jungle as the creature's elongated jaws closed around him, acid blood sizzling as it ate away at his flesh.

Back at Garage Workshops

With heavy hearts, the survivors (Fukuda, Layla, Ngo, Li and Morales) retreated to the daihotai tractor. The xenomorphs pursued them relentlessly, their hissing and chittering filling the air. When they arrived at the Garage Workshops, Brion, Das, and Hekova emerged from the dropship Hard Boil (parked in the central courtyard), guns blazing, to provide cover as the survivors scrambled inside.
Fukuda's voice was resolute over the intercom, "We're not leaving anyone behind. Protect the tractor with your lives!"
The battle raged on, and more xenomorphs fell under the relentless fire of the Jackals. Brion's synthetic strength and Das's precision turned the tide of the confrontation.
With the last of the xenomorphs defeated, the survivors piled into the dropship, breathless and battered. Brion, Das, and Hekova joined them, their shades showing signs of the brutal battle.
As the dropship reached the atmosphere, they watched in awe as the Dam collapsed under the pressure of the raging storm and the xenomorph-infested horrors within. Water cascaded down, sweeping away the remnants of Romashka Outpost.

Epilogue: The Survivor's Message

With Romashka Outpost reduced to ruins, the battered survivors, now a much smaller group, including Fukuda, Layla, Brion, Das, Hekova, Ngo, Li, and Morales, returned to the Righteous Fury. The journey had taken its toll, and they were forever marked by the horrors they had witnessed.
In a somber message sent from the Righteous Fury, Fukuda signed off, summarizing their harrowing ordeal: "We came to Romashka Outpost on a rescue mission, but we found something far more sinister. We faced insurmountable odds, and not all of us made it back. But we will never forget those who gave their lives to protect humanity from the xenomorph threat." Fukuda, signing off.
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Re: EVAC an Alien tie-in cinematic - play report

Wed 06 Sep 2023, 07:53

EVAC cinematic designs here : ... ay_report/

More designs here as usual :

Enjoy your games.
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Re: EVAC an Alien tie-in cinematic - play report

Wed 06 Sep 2023, 10:48

Thank you, _ArthurDallas_. These should come in handy. :) Kudos!
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Re: EVAC an Alien tie-in cinematic - play report

Thu 07 Sep 2023, 18:01

Just too a stroll through this - outstanding!

Now I need to re-read the book with that all in mind - I'd bet it makes it better =)
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Re: EVAC an Alien tie-in cinematic - play report

Tue 12 Sep 2023, 15:17

thanks guys.

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