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Re: Ammo spent

Wed 26 Oct 2022, 20:44

You could consider a house rule that when under pressure, shooting a single shot requires a CUF roll.
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Re: Ammo spent

Thu 27 Oct 2022, 16:04

You could consider a house rule that when under pressure, shooting a single shot requires a CUF roll.
That puts light pressure in the same category as suppression and just getting shot at (what a phrase "just getting shot at, you know, as one does") is a world apart from being suppressed. I say this with the caveat of "if it makes your game better, go for it.
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Re: Ammo spent

Thu 27 Oct 2022, 18:56

m houseruling that if the player wants to decide how many ammo dice he/she rolls, they have to pass a CUF roll first
Your table, your rules. That being said sounds a bit harsh though. Also how do you decide how many dice he uses? To me this mechanic means one extra CuF roll with every attack and probably some random die roll to determine the amount of ammo dice used. What in it in your opinion makes it worth two extra rolls for the attack?
Also as for the use of sniper rifles, especially bolt action, I don't think this is beneficial representation of "combat stress" since situations where they are used are normally not as hectic as CQB situations. But even as a game mechanic this robs the players from the use of their telescopic sight bonus so I personally wouldn't house rule it that way.
Caveat: if it enhances the play experience in your table go for it!
You misunderstand, a bit.

Here's how I run it:

If a player wants to use anything but "all the dice" for ROF, they have to make a CUF roll. If they pass, they get to pick the number of dice they use. If they fail, they fire wildly and use all the dice they can.
So, ROF 5, you use all 5 dice unless you pass a CUF roll. If you do pass, you can use anything you want up to 5 (but if they want that, then they wouldn't have to roll anyway).

This is to represent the fact that less trained soldiers tend to fire more rounds at the enemy.

As for bolt action rifles, they still have a ROF of 1, so if they just want to fire one single shot during their entire 10-15 second turn, then they need to pass a CUF roll.
This is only during actual firefights, mind you, not if they're just sitting safely at a distance and nobody is firing at them, or they aren't under any pressure to make the shot.

For example, during my last session, two players (both snipers) set up an L shaped ambush on a town full of enemies. One sniper had a Barret, and the other had the PSG 90.
The .50 cal guy started firing first, drawing out the enemies and drawing fire (although largely ineffectual due to the massive distance). That meant he was under fire, and after the first initial attack, he had to roll CUF to fire just one shot (when he wanted to do that).
Meanwhile, the other sniper, firing from a side perpendicular to the enemy, didn't really get noticed until after a very long time (due to the enemy spraying wildly towards the first sniper, and the .50 cal being so loud, and both snipers being at their very maximum range), so she didn't have to roll CUF during that entire time, since she wasn't under fire and could take her time lining up her shots.

I'm also not running with the no ammo dice rule for scoped weapons, since I don't agree with that rule. Having seen plenty of people using scoped rifles getting several accurate shots during a 10-15 second period.

I suppose, if you use that rule, you'd just ignore the CUF roll during an engagement where people use telescopic sights.

EDIT: Just to add to this, I should point out that most of the time, my players don't need to roll for CUF since they're using all the ammo dice they can. It won't be until they're starting to run out of ammo that it will come into play a lot more. And at that point it works as a tension amplifier. Otherwise, knowing my players, they'd just start being super calm elite marksmen during the battle and only ever using one shot every time they shoot... despite all research about firefights pointing to the opposite for anything but the most well trained soldiers.
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Re: Ammo spent

Fri 28 Oct 2022, 09:11

Got it. Makes sense to run it like that then.
This was interesting:
. Otherwise, knowing my players, they'd just start being super calm elite marksmen during the battle and only ever using one shot every time they shoot
My players are pretty much the opposite. They use a lot of ammo dice whenever at all possible. First of all for suppression, which is really powerful. Secondly to get those crits in since I run "mook" NPC's with the "one crit and they go down" rule. Then those ammo dice really start to come into play as an effective way to overcome the enemy with volume of fire.
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Re: Ammo spent

Fri 08 Sep 2023, 17:20

"Weapons with low amount of bullets in the magazine and of course with a low ROF should only do single shot firing"

But the rules allow you to use an ammo dice for firearms with ROF 1. Which means if you roll a 6 on the ammo dice you would have shot 6 times. And even if you apply all "hits", i.e., what you get from your base dice and from your ammo dice, to the same target you would not be able to get more than 2 hits despite having expended 6 bullets. Wouldn't it make more sense to calculate the ammo spent by counting the number of ammo dice spent and adding 1?
Technically if you have A/A rating in AGL and Ranged Combat you can have 5 successes with the one extra hit die. 4 from the 12-sided dice (10-12) and one from the ammo die.
Which to me means just shoot the single shot and hope for a high roll on your main dice.
Just a regular roll with D/D can still give you 2 successes on two 6s and only cost 1 round, but you hit well.
Ammo dice are "low" (1 in 6) chance for extra hits. If you have ammo, go for it or if you need suppressive fire to advance or run away.

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