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Rules Clarification: Broken and Critical Injuries

Sun 03 Sep 2023, 10:29

I'm a bit confused about the rules when certain health rating related issues occur. I was hoping if I could get clarification.

As I understand it...

A player has so many health points. They lose a health point for every damage point they suffer. If they lose all their health points, they become broken and cannot perform any more skill rolls until the shift ends and they automatically regain a health point (the only other option being if a secondary player character performs first aid on them, which is a medical aid roll where the broken player gains an equivalent number of health points as the number of eyes the secondary player has rolled. By having any health points, even just one, the broken character is unbroken.

I understand that the broken character cannot roll medical aid for themselves, but is this just because they are broken and cannot perform skill rolls?

If say a case file only had one player character, would the shift essentially end once a character is broken and skip to the next shift where that character has automatically recovered a health point?

This automatic health point when a shift ends is only given when a character is broken? Otherwise health points are only automatically given after a shift of downtime specifically?

I understand being broken and having a lethal critical injury as seperate.

The task when you have a lethal critical injury is to roll for STAMINA ( death save) repeatedly every listed time period until you are healed, to avoid death. For example if you have a shattered pelvis, you have to make a death save ever round until the designated month of healing has finished, and if you fail you die.

You can stabilize this by rolling a medical aid roll, which if successful will increase your critical injury's time period (i.e. instead of rolling a death save every round, you only do it every shift).

If your critical injury's time period is already a shift, does rolling a successful medical aid therefore just mean you are still effected by the critical injury, but it is no longer lethal and you don't have to make anymore death saves?

Only non-broken characters can do this because if you are broken, you cannot perform the skill roll required to stabilize yourself.

On pg. 72 of the core rules book, it says "if you are both broken and have sustained a lethal critical injury, two separate MEDICAL AID rolls are needed: one to recover Health points, and another to save your life. These two rolls can be made in any order".

Does this medical aid roll refer to the first aid that another character might be performing on you? So if a group was in combat and one character was broken and sustained a lethal critical injury, the secondary character who is performing first aid on the broken character makes two medical aids rolls? A roll that will could give health points back to the broken character and then a death save? Does the secondary character make the death save or does the broken character?

Is this the only scenario where the two separate MEDICAL AID rolls are required for a broken character with lethal critical injuries. If a broken character does not get given first aid by a secondary character, then do they just make a death save and wait until the shift ends (or make a death save every round until the shift ends depending on the injury)?

They then automatically gain a health point and stop being broken and just have to deal with the lethal critical injury?

I'm not sure if it's the wording of this paragraph that confuses me but are they essentially saying, they're are two different issues for a broken and lethally critically injured character. There is a roll that must be performed to provide first aid, and then a roll that must be performed as a death save. I'm confused why there are two MEDICAL AID rolls, when I thought a death save was a STAMINA roll.
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Re: Rules Clarification: Broken and Critical Injuries

Sun 03 Sep 2023, 12:22

If you get broken and got a lethal critical injury, you must make a stamina roll every x number of "time" in order to stay alive. There is one medical roll that someone can do, called First Aid, to lets you recover one or more health so you are no longer broken. First Aid is a combat action (so it takes one round). Another medical roll needs to be made to stabilize the critical injury so you don't need to make death rolls anymore. There is a third situation when you can make a medical roll and that it when you are giving medical care to speed up the healing time of critical injuries.
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