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Monster Conversions: Ogre

Mon 21 Aug 2023, 22:55

Thought I'd post my updated ogre for your enjoyment and review. I think two of the hardest things in doing the ogre are, 1) There are so many versions of them so many sources of myth, folklore and gaming that there would easily be any number of variations on the ogre. And 2) I actually though about doing them like a PC (like the orc, goblin or skeleton), as in some case, I felt that might be a better representation, but in the end, I wound up doing them as a monster. Enjoy!

Ferocity: 1 Size: Large
Move: 16 Armor: 1 HP: 32
Thick Skin: Ogres have incredibly thick hides (reflected in the armor). This will stack with any armor they may wear.
Typical Weapons: Large wooden club
1 Ogre War Cry! The ogre lets out a deafening roar that sweeps over all the adventurers. Any victims within 10 meters suffer a fear attack.
2 Head Butt! The ogre slams its thick skull into a victim causing 2D6 damage and leaving its victim dazed, even if their armor prevents any damage.
3 Ogre Juggernaut! The ogre stomps on two player characters within 2 meters of each another for. Each target takes 2D6 bludgeoning damage and is knocked prone.
4 Ogre Toss! The ogre grabs the nearest player character who last did damage to him, and tosses the hapless victim 2D6 meters in a random direction, inflicting an equal amount of bludgeoning damage, landing prone.
5 Crushing Blow! The ogre swings its weapon over its head and bashes a player character with all its might, inflicting weapon damage plus an extra D10. The attack can be parried.
6 Ogre War Machine! The ogre sweeps its great club in a mighty arc, hitting everyone within 2 meters for weapon damage.


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