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Encumbrance and right Attribute

Tue 18 Jul 2023, 12:55

I use Constitution score for calculating Encumbrance instead of Strenght.
This is the reason:
-Constitution measures your resilience so it fits better to this use.

What do you think about ?
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Re: Encumbrance and right Attribute

Tue 18 Jul 2023, 13:10

If you wanna be technical it would require both STR and CON to represent carry capacity (even with high resillience you can't carry much if your too physically weak).

Personally i would stick with STR becase A: as noted you still require some muscles to carry the stuff, especially if it is over long periods where your muscles get strained.
And B: Mechanically it gives you incentive to invest in STR even when your not playing a STR based character. Even if your playing a mage or an AGL character, putting points into STR is useful sense you can carry more stuff. CON has already a lot of advantages that makes people want to invest in it.
This makes it more interesting when creating a character when every attribute has good perks for being good at it, rather than focusing on 1-2 "godstats"
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Re: Encumbrance and right Attribute

Tue 18 Jul 2023, 22:17

Strength makes more sense to me since you need muscles more than a functioning immune system to carry a heavy backpack and armor.
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Re: Encumbrance and right Attribute

Wed 19 Jul 2023, 06:28

I might try out averaging strength and con for encumbrance. I agree that con is more important if you are looking at longer duration physical activity like carrying a ton of crap in a back pack over a mountain pass.
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Re: Encumbrance and right Attribute

Thu 27 Jul 2023, 14:51

Con works too and I’m sympathetic to the principle. You’ll get roughly the same capacity in general so it’s kind of a wash. But if you like it enough to justify the tweak, go for it.

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