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A detailed faction generated by AI

Thu 18 May 2023, 10:33

Here is a complete faction generated by AI. It has a description, but also haven and some NPCs detailed out. Don't take this as something final, I still have a lot of work to do in finetuning this. As I mentioned in the other thread where I showed AI havens: I am working on a tool that would allow this to be generated for a GM with "the touch of a button". While AI is not too good to generate plots themselves, making up all the supporting structure for a campaign is pretty good IMHO and helps with the preparations. I find it suits my GM style really well: I tend to improvise a lot during games (because players always make up something unexpected). I found that by having certain content generators at my disposal helps me out in these situations.

But, judge it yourselves how it looks. :)

So, here I give you the Phoenix Initiaive. More details on haven and NPCs at the end. I just formatted it for the forums, but the content was generated as is.

The Phoenix Initiative

Description & Formation: The Phoenix Initiative started as a group of survivalists who were well-prepared for disaster scenarios before the outbreak. Their numbers have grown significantly, now made up of a variety of survivors such as former military personnel, doctors, engineers, and more. They have a solid organizational structure, with a focus on discipline and order.

  • Alex "Sarge" Newman, a stern ex-Marine, is the de facto leader of the faction.
  • Dr. Lisa Maxwell is a calm, collected medical professional who serves as the Initiative's head physician.
  • Rodrigo "Rigs" Martinez is a jovacious former mechanic turned chief engineer of the Phoenix Initiative.

  • They're struggling with a growing factionalism within their ranks due to their disparate origins and philosophies, threatening their unity.
  • Moreover, their food supply is dwindling, causing tension and potential starvation.

Haven: The group operates from an old, fortified high school, which they've turned into a fortress with defensive perimeters and watchtowers.

Challenges: The Phoenix Initiative, despite their more militaristic tendencies, tend to stick to a moral code. However, their food shortage may push them to be more aggressive towards other survivor groups, perhaps even leading to direct confrontation over resources.

Endgame: If not handled properly, the Phoenix Initiative could resort to taking resources by force, potentially sparking a war among survivor factions.


Name: Alex "Sarge" Newman

Original Occupation: U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant

New Occupation: Leader of Survivalist Faction

Family and Close Friends Lost:
  • Claire Newman (Wife)
  • Matthew Newman (Son)
  • Marlon "Bull" Patterson (Closest Friend and Comrade in the Marines)

Background: Alex Newman, known better as "Sarge," was a respected and seasoned Gunnery Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served for over two decades before retiring. He was a tough, disciplined man who demanded the same from his comrades. Alex was married to his beloved wife, Claire, and together they had a son, Matthew, who had just started college when the apocalypse hit.

The harsh reality of the world's end took away his family. His wife and son were infected and transformed before his eyes, a sight that still haunts him. His closest friend, Bull, fell in the first wave of their fight against the zombies. Bull's loss hit him almost as hard as the loss of his family. He didn't just lose a friend, he lost a brother.

  • Emotional Isolation: Sarge has walled himself off emotionally, making him appear callous at times. He's suppressing his pain and grief, which could eventually lead to a breakdown.
  • Increasing Paranoia: As the leader of the survivalist faction, he feels the constant burden of protecting his group. His fear of losing more people has made him paranoid and overly cautious, which can lead to disagreements and conflict within the group.
  • Physical Health: Sarge was injured during an encounter with the horde, and the wound isn't healing as quickly as he'd like. This is slowing him down and, if left untreated, could make him a liability.

Motivation: Sarge is driven by his sense of duty and responsibility. As a former Marine, he was trained to lead and protect. This purpose keeps him going in the bleak reality of the apocalypse. He feels a strong obligation to his faction and aims to keep as many people alive as he can.

Quote: "This ain't about living anymore, it's about surviving. We've been trained for war, and war is what we've got. Remember, adapt and overcome, it's the only way to see tomorrow."


Name: Dr. Lisa Maxwell

Original Occupation: Pediatric Surgeon

New Occupation: Head Physician of Survivalist Faction

Family and Close Friends Lost:
  • Martin Maxwell (Husband)
  • Sandra and Andrew (Siblings)
  • Dr. Laura Roberts (Best Friend and Colleague)

Background: Dr. Lisa Maxwell was a renowned pediatric surgeon working in one of the top hospitals in Atlanta. Known for her calm demeanor and collected approach, she was revered in her field. Her life was dedicated to saving young lives, and she shared this beautiful journey with her husband, Martin, who was a cardiologist. Lisa had two younger siblings, Sandra and Andrew, with whom she had a close bond. Her best friend, Laura, was not just a colleague but a pillar of support.

The apocalypse took everything away. Her husband, Martin, was one of the first to get infected while treating patients. Sandra and Andrew were lost to the initial chaos, and her best friend, Laura, fell victim to a horde while they were trying to escape the city. These losses were devastating for Lisa, but she didn't let them break her.

  • Emotional Burnout: The constant stress of being the group's sole medical professional, coupled with the guilt and grief of losing her loved ones, is taking a toll on Lisa. She's on the verge of emotional burnout.
  • Scarcity of Medical Supplies: As the apocalypse progresses, medical supplies are becoming scarce. Lisa is facing the challenge of keeping her patients alive and well with limited resources.
  • Distrust of Leadership: Lisa often finds herself at odds with Sarge due to his militant approach. She believes in preserving humanity, not just human lives, which can lead to friction between them.

Motivation: Lisa is driven by her oath to save lives. Despite the world falling apart, she holds on to her medical ethics and her resolve to do her best to keep her group healthy. Her compassion and dedication to her profession keep her going.

Quote: "We may be in survival mode, but we mustn't forget our humanity. If we do, we're no better than the monsters we're fighting against."


Name: Rodrigo "Rigs" Martinez

Original Occupation: Auto Mechanic

New Occupation: Chief Engineer of the Phoenix Initiative

Family and Close Friends Lost:
  • Maria Martinez (Wife)
  • Alejandro Martinez (Son)
  • Julio and Carlos Rodriguez (Best Friends)

Background: Rodrigo Martinez, fondly known as "Rigs," was the life of any gathering. With a laugh that could fill a room and a joke always on the tip of his tongue, he was loved by all who knew him. He owned a small auto repair shop in Atlanta and was renowned for his skills as a mechanic. He lived happily with his wife, Maria, and their young son, Alejandro. His best friends, Julio and Carlos, were like brothers to him and worked with him in his shop.

When the apocalypse struck, Rigs lost everything he held dear. His wife and son fell victim to the infected, leaving Rigs with a hole in his heart. His friends Julio and Carlos didn't survive the initial panic, leaving Rigs with the bitter taste of loneliness.

  • Survivor's Guilt: Rigs is burdened with the guilt of surviving when his family and friends did not. He often questions why he was the one who lived, which can lead to periods of depression.
  • Resource Scarcity: As the chief engineer, Rigs is responsible for maintaining and building necessary structures for the Initiative. However, with resources growing increasingly scarce, he's finding it challenging to fulfill his duties.
  • Concealed Grief: Rigs uses humor as a coping mechanism to mask his pain. While this helps to keep morale up in the group, it means that he's not properly dealing with his grief.

Motivation: Rigs finds solace in his work, channeling his grief and guilt into something constructive. He's determined to ensure that the Initiative has the best chance of survival by creating and maintaining their infrastructure. His motivation lies in honoring the memory of his lost loved ones by contributing to the survival of his new family.

Quote: "Life's a broken engine, and we're just trying to keep it running. Sometimes, all it takes is a little duct tape and a lot of elbow grease."


Haven Name: The Academy Fortress, used by the Phoenix Initiative

Location: An old, fortified high school located in a suburban neighborhood.

Description: The Academy Fortress, once a beacon of education and youth, now stands as a bulwark against the walker-infested world. The main school building is a multi-story, red-brick structure with an attached gymnasium and auditorium. A football field sits at the rear, now converted into a farm and livestock area. Makeshift watchtowers have been erected at key points around the campus, providing clear lines of sight.

Capacity: With the classrooms, gymnasium, and auditorium repurposed, the Academy Fortress can comfortably accommodate up to 250 people.

Supplies: The survivors found the school mostly cleared of supplies but have since stockpiled food, water, medical supplies, and tools. The transformed football field provides a steady source of fresh produce and some livestock.

  • The school is surrounded by a reinforced chain-link fence, further enhanced with barbed wire and debris barricades.
  • Makeshift watchtowers provide a 360-degree view of the surrounding area.
  • Entrances have been fortified and secured with reinforced metal doors.
  • The building's upper floors offer a secure retreat in case of a breach, with stairs that can be quickly barricaded.

Defense Score: 5. The efforts made to fortify the school, combined with the inherent advantages of a multi-story building, provide robust defenses against walkers.

Current Issues:
  • Limited Fuel: The school has a generator, but fuel is in short supply. Power usage must be rationed, which can make heating and lighting a challenge.
  • Insufficient Medical Supplies: While there are basic first aid kits, there's a lack of more advanced medical supplies and medication.
  • Possible Asbestos: Given the age of the school, there's a concern that asbestos might be present in the building, potentially posing a long-term health risk.
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Re: A detailed faction generated by AI

Fri 19 May 2023, 17:20

What AI Bot and prompt did you use for this? I started to play around with creating factions with ChatGPT, but the results I got were much more generic. But I just asked “Create a faction for The Walking Dead Universe roleplaying game” and “Create an antagonist faction for The Walking Dead Universe roleplaying game.”

Disclaimer: I have not played around with these AI chat bots before.
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Re: A detailed faction generated by AI

Fri 19 May 2023, 22:20

I used chatGPT 4 and this faction is made from several generations, not just one. You can look in my other AI haven thread to see one example to generate havens. AI might do a good job but is also a bit dumb and you need to explain it to them thoroughly. :)

I am still working on these that make this possible and tweaking and perfecting it.
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Re: A detailed faction generated by AI

Sat 20 May 2023, 04:07

Ah, I saw your other post. I see you have to feed it a TON of details and examples.
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Re: A detailed faction generated by AI

Sun 21 May 2023, 19:34

Yes, the AI has no idea what the TWD rpg is and how to create things inside it. Tons of examples are needed because too few and the generating becomes boring. Without any examples it starts making things up not that much inline with the game. So after all, it does take some work to make descriptions like this happen.

But it does grasp pretty well what the zombie apocalypse actually is. :-)
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Re: A detailed faction generated by AI

Sun 18 Jun 2023, 22:06

Great to see on you Haven thread that you're still working on adding tools for generating Havens and Factions!

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