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The One Ring 2e in Spanish

Wed 24 May 2023, 14:53

Do you know if Free League continue selling their books of The One Ring 2e in Spanish?

At the moment I was only able to buy the starter box and the base manual in Spanish, but I can't find the supplement for the Lost Realm or The Rivendell Compendium
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Re: The One Ring 2e in Spanish

Wed 24 May 2023, 15:23

You probably have to ask the publisher that publish the Spanish version, Free League only makes the English version.
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Re: The One Ring 2e in Spanish

Wed 24 May 2023, 18:26

Devir is still publishing the books in spanish and is comitted to do so with all supplements.
Only that, of course, it takes an extra time to translate, edit, do the new layout, proofreading again, etc. And all that process can only be done once the english book has been published.
The Rivendell and LM Screen are already being shipped from China (and it literally takes MONTHS since something is sent to print there until it arrives to the warehouse), and the Lost Realm has already been finished and is to be sent to print (as far as I know).

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