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[Moved] Question about the Last Cyclade regarding lore

Sat 20 May 2023, 22:15

For someone who knows the lore better than I. I am running the last Cyclade. My question is, During the first adventure when the players encounter the captain of the butterfly ship, are they supposed to know what a vestule is or does the thing seem just totally alien to them?? I'm not sure how much the people of the Third Horizen remember or know about the people of the first.

Thank you in advance!!
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Re: Question about the Last Cyclade regarding lore

Tue 23 May 2023, 07:45

im not an expert (yet!) but there is a community supplement race of humanites related to the Vestal called the Vesti, who IIRC are based mostly in the Odacon-system, which i thought fit perfectly well into the lore. The Vesti are the humanite soldiers of the First Horizon who were left behind, and now live in small nomadic swarms and colonies. In my game, they exist and if a player would roll at least one success on a culture-roll, they would know this.

But this is only a community-made supplement, as far as i know there is nothing of the Vestal in the core books or Atlas.
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Re: Question about the Last Cyclade regarding lore

Fri 26 May 2023, 21:50

This should definitely be in the GM section or at least marked as spoiler. Just sayin'...
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Re: Question about the Last Cyclade regarding lore

Fri 26 May 2023, 21:57

Moderator Action: Moved the thread to the GM Only section since it may contain spoilers (I guess).
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