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Fri 12 May 2023, 23:27

I understand why there is a lack of firearm diversity in the game(especially egregious for American consumers).
2037 isn't far away, so taking that and history into light, more diverse firearms are upcoming. They'll add a bit more flavor to your game. (Not everyone drops a PKD, and some could be exotic). Stay tuned.
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Re: Firearms

Sat 20 May 2023, 00:13

As an American, I am always glad to see more guns.

But I am wondering if we can also see more vehicles in future Blade Runner products. I finally saw "Blade Runner: Black Lotus", and can now recognize where the Spinner Bikes in the Core Rulebook came from. But the Blade Runner Core Rulebook left out a couple of interesting vehicles, like:

-Luv's Spinner (from Blade Runner: 2049) [an Astin Martin model?]
-Marlowe's Spinner (from Blade Runner: Black Lotus) [the red one]
-the Police Spinner (from Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

Looking forward to the next Blade Runner RPG sourcebook.

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