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Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Tue 16 May 2023, 08:28


Please use this thread to post feedback and report any typos or errors in the Davokar Awakens Beta PDF. Guidelines to remember:
  • Before reporting an error, please check to see if it has already been reported. If so, don't report it again.
  • Do not use this thread for discussions, only for direct feedback. If you want to discuss some topic you are welcome to start a new forum thread.
  • Please report your feedback no later than May 23, 2023.
Thank you!
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Re: Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Tue 16 May 2023, 12:14

The first error I can tell is that as of right now I can't find/buy Davokar Awakens from your store... yet. (Sorry, just had to. :D )
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Re: Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Tue 16 May 2023, 17:13

Not really an error on the book, but the mail for preorder says: "The pre-order also includes an exclusive digital artbook with artworks by the amazing artists Gustaf Ekelund and Martin Grip."

The voucher for Drivethru only includes the PDF for Davokar Awakens. Will the Artbook be released later, or should it already be included with the Beta from the preorder?

Diving into reading now...
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Re: Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Wed 17 May 2023, 16:43

Page 86, in Ambal Seba map.
Legend is incorrect (Abal Seba).
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Re: Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Thu 18 May 2023, 05:59

I can’t find any text that states how tall the giant Garavarax is.
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Re: Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Thu 18 May 2023, 07:01

Esmerelda and Sesario have Corruption values of 20 and 26, respectively, which exceed their Resolute values, both 18.
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Re: Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Fri 19 May 2023, 07:14

The first thing I noticed was that Prince Eneano's orders/decision that appears on page 13 is different from when it appears in Symbar: Mother of Darkness on page 63.

In Davokar Awakens, it is: "Let the evil that humanity has wrought remain, waiting and dormant; let it live on to remind us of the seriousness of our commitment. What happened here must never be repeated. Never again!" (pg 13)

In Symbar, it is: "Let this evil that mankind awakened remain, in idle slumber; let it live on as a reminder of the gravity of our undertaking. What happened here must never be repeated. Nevermore!" (pg 63).

Changing the wording results in losing the allusion to Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" by removing the standard "nevermore" slogan of the Iron Pact.
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Re: Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Sat 20 May 2023, 19:51

Blight born wraith owlet has Ordinary resistance and 115XP, but in Monster Codex, Battle-trained horse has Challenging resistance and 110XP.
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Re: Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Sun 21 May 2023, 18:58

p24: 'the cauldron belongs to Vouax' - word spacing could be improved
p46: 'two attacks with damage 1d12' and 'two attacks with damage 1d8' from the wave and debris. As damage taken by a PC, shouldn't this be a fixed amount, not a dice roll?
p50: 'come and go as he pleases' - should 'pleases' be 'pleased' as the sentence is in past tense?
p54: 'normally used as an overlook' - should 'overlook' be 'lookout'?
p88: 'eoks' - should be 'eox', unless this is a deliberate misspelling. Also, the reference is WotW p168, not 167
p95: 'do not have much to offer ¬– at least' - weird bit of punctuation next to the dash

And, as I'm sure you realise, the margin images and captions need inserting on pp39, 53, 90, 94, 95

I've only made it to p120, if I get time I'll read more tonight! Hope that helps :) Neil
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Re: Davokar Awakens Beta Feedback

Sun 21 May 2023, 22:21

At page 14, under Wielda section:
the former is allowed to represent Wyrhta should read the former represents Wielda

At page 16, under Other factions section:
… and how powerful there are should read … and how powerful they are.
… the last of the area’s elven defenders is weird. … the last elven defenders of the area is better

Page 17, under Iron Pact, unsure about this:
nightmarish creature as in Uron, or nightmarish creatures in general?

Page 19, Saxon genitive is used in very few cases:
The region’s inhaBiTanTs should read the inhabitants of the region .
had humanity’s rapacious search for … awakened the empire’s ancient evil reads weird. Maybe had the rapacious search of humans for … awakened the ancient evil from the empire or … for treasures awakened Sumbaroum’s ancient evil…
the previous content of the chapter instead of the chapter’s previous content.
the adventure timeline instead of the adventure’s timeline
… Davokar Awakens mainly takes place… should be …Davokar awakens takes place mainly…

Page 20:
even many of the realms’ most loyal subjects is weird. Even the most loyal subjects of the realms…
his forces have been able to repel the enemy attacks so far instead of his forces have so far been able to repel the enemy’s attacks
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