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Swedish pronunciation?

Sat 25 Feb 2023, 05:21

While preparing to run the RPG for the first time I've realised I have no idea how to pronounce the Swedish place names correctly, and I'd like to at least attempt to get them right.

I see that this question has been asked on Reddit already here and here with some offers of assistance that don't seem to have been followed up on.

This is probably wishful thinking, but a brief Tales from the Loop People and Places Pronunciation Guide video for non-Swedish speakers would be a cool addition to the Free League site.

Alternatively if someone could attempt some phonetic transcriptions and post them here that would be super helpful too. I don't have anything to offer in return though so I'll understand if no one wants to spend any time on it.

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Re: Swedish pronunciation?

Mon 15 May 2023, 23:47

I can have a go at it.

I use these combinations of letter for some Swedish sounds. I use the hyphens to separate syllables.
The letter e ≈ the e in set (short vowel)
e = E ≈ the e in year (long vowel)
The letter ä = ae ≈ the a in ache
The letter r = R ≈ close to the r in brother (however the Swedish R is located closer to the lips)
The letter ö = oe ≈ sort of the e in her
Letters ng = like ng in young
The letter i ≈ like ee in week
The letter g (before a, o, u & å) = G ≈ g in get
The letter g (before e, i, y ä & ö) = g ≈ g in yet
The letter å = oo ≈ like o in or

Stenhamra = stEn-ham-rah
Mälaren = mael-ah-Ren
Mälaröarna =mael-ahr-oeahRnah
Slingan (The Loop) = sleeng-ahn
Kungsberga = kewngs-beRgah
FOA (Sweden’s DARPA) = Fo-ah
Bonareaktorn = bonah-Re-act-ooRn

That was a lot harder than I thought! Maybe a video would be more suitable. I’ll see. You wanted people and places?
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Re: Swedish pronunciation?

Mon 05 Jun 2023, 11:23

Thanks, that's very helpful! I think I can make a decent attempt at the pronunciation now, or at least get much closer than I was before.

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