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Undead and Corruption?

Fri 28 Apr 2023, 12:19

I'm about to start running a Symbaroum campaign and one of my players wants to play an Undead Sorcerer... And I'm honestly unsure as to how the Corruption aspect of sorcery will work with him.

Does an Undead character already have any permanent corruption? Can they gain more corruption? Does an Undead character lose control if they become too much corruption? How is this supposed to work?
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Re: Undead and Corruption?

Sun 07 May 2023, 17:59

The rules are a bit unclear on this, but the paragraph on p.6 does clearly state that the Undead race is a new phenomenon, and not the same as the various other Undead horrors that stalk the land.

So for me, I'd just go with the Corruption rules as normal. Their Shadow already shows their Undead state, its just the more Corruption they accrue, the more like the "standard" undead they become.

Of course, the Templars, Black Cloaks and mobs of angry fire and pitchfork wielding villagers won't be making a distinction....

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