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Heart of Darkness suceess

Sat 18 Mar 2023, 17:18

Over the last two days I ran Heart of Darkness for my players. Much to my amazement, they all survived, and achieved their agendas for the most part. Here are some highlights:

  • Hedenstrom was broken with a severed leg artery from an inmate, but was healed by Lark. He had a limp the rest of the game but continued on.
  • Lark was broken with a severe chassis breach by Sajaad, who was suffering a bout of madness. Lugar was able to talk Sajaad down and both Sajaad and Lark were taken to the ship: Sajaad to receive some help with her mental health and Lark to start repairing herself.
  • Ejiru was broken with a crushed elbow by Cecil when the party intervened in a melee between inmates and corrections synthetics. He was taken to the ship to recover.
  • Lugar suffered crushed ribs from a trilobite but was able to continue with the mission.
  • Adrien the cat heroically attacked the trilobite to defend Lugar.
  • Hobbs was rescued and made himself quite comfortable in the ship's galley.
  • Stykes and Crash went missing after the party didn't help Stykes take on Wicks.
  • Webb was left behind on the station. He never found his pants.
  • Drabikowski recovered the Ironfish data and subsequently set the reactor to overload (it didn't blow due to the Hessdalen Lights regulating the pressure).
  • The station subsumed the UPP destroyer and made the FTL jump just before the reactor countdown ended.
  • Every PC had paranoia by the end, but managed to avoid further effects from the black hole.

The party slew multiple inmates (including Cecil), two squid babies, two deacons and one trilobite. NPCs not mentioned above were not encounter by the party, as they did not fully explore the station. Once they had what they needed to repair they ship that's all they focused on. Not going past the airlock of the Cheiron and avoiding obviously dangerous places like Hydroponics surely contributed to their success. By the time Ejiru was broken we all thought things were going to end in total disaster, as that was still in Act II.

I was so stunned at their success that I completely forgot to read the Signing Off section to them. We had a blast and will definitely be playing further scenarios if/when they are published.

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