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Free League Workshop Templates for Open Source Software?

Sat 16 Apr 2022, 08:58

I'm sure this is a longshot, but has anyone does anyone have Free League Workshop templates for open source software packages such as Scribus or LibreOffice?

I don't use either InDesign or MS Office on my home PC. I've got LibreOffice for the usual Office type packages, and Scribus for desktop publishing. I've tried importing the existing templates for both Twilight: 2000 and Tales From The Loop, but have not been overly successful.

In Scribus 1.5.8, the InDesign IDML template imports, but does not appear to be editable at all (so there's no way to change the boilerplate text, or move the images around).

In LibreOffice, the Word template opens, but it's not a clean import. Some of the layout is wonky. I also tried opening the T:2K template in MS Office on my work computer, and exporting to ODF, but that was even worse than importing directly into LibreOffice.

So, are there templates for open source packages available? If not, would be be possible to get a collection of the individual graphic files used in the published templates, so that I could create new templates for the open source packages myself?
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Re: Free League Workshop Templates for Open Source Software?

Wed 15 Mar 2023, 21:13

It seemed to import OK into LibreOffice for me. But using the 'layers' (IF that is how it is constructed) in EITHER Microsoft Word or LibreOffice seems to be the problem for me. How many layers? What does each layer contain? I have tried several ways to use the templates (in these word processing programs, PLUS Scribus and Inkscape), but to no avail.

I fear my problem might be 'how to use a word processor', but some kind of tutorial on how to use these templates would be helpful. We are not all graphic designers.....

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