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Rules questions about fleeing and PKDs

Wed 08 Mar 2023, 02:25

Two unrelated questions that just came into my mind:

1. In a chase, can you take cover as part of your chosen "move" like you can in combat? Like, if you choose Pursue/Flee, can you get behind cover at the end of that move or do you automatically end up exposed? (It seems less flavorful if you can get in cover, on the one hand, but on the other hand if you can't do it then chases are really dangerous if your opponent starts standing and shooting.)

2. With an old-style PKD 5223 blaster, can you fire a regular .44 or sonic round while you have a long-range rifle round loaded? Or does the rifle round need to be fired first to "clear the chamber" before you can fire a different kind of round?
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Re: Rules questions about fleeing and PKDs

Thu 09 Mar 2023, 14:55

1. I think that when you "pursue" or "flee", you are actively moving as fast and as efficiently as you can while avoiding obstacles etc. I generally would not allow taking cover as part of pursue or flee, because it would slow character down considerably. But I guess it depends on the circumstances.

2. I think that the gun has separate chambers for 44 and 222 calibers. Those two calibers are so different so it cannot be same chamber. So yes, you can have both 222 and 44 loaded at the same time.

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