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Map Pack?

Sun 22 Jan 2023, 16:57

Hi all,

I am looking to purchase the Alien RPG from the Free League store, however, I have noticed that on eBay people are selling a Maps and Markers pack which does not appear to be available on the Free League store. Is this something I need or is it now included elsewhere?

many thanks
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Re: Map Pack?

Sun 22 Jan 2023, 17:01

That is now part of the starter set.
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Re: Map Pack?

Sun 22 Jan 2023, 17:04

The Maps & Markers pack for the Alien RPG are the same map and markers that come in the Starter Set box. So if you purchase the Starter Set, you'll get them (along with everything else that comes in the box--it's a really worthwhile purchase, IMHO).

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