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No maps with PDF?

Thu 06 Oct 2022, 15:49

So I have all the AIME stuff on pdf and LOVE all the maps. I know LOTRR is set in Eriador and thus decided to back the early access as I'd love a hard copy. 2 issues I have thus far looking in the pdfs.

1 - there aren't that many impactful pictures, and or any means to use the ones there. I'd love a file just of the art, so I can help my online players imagine a scene...

2 - same issue with maps... No way of accessing them. And most of them are small sketches. I was really after something more substantial.

I was very disappointed to spend $174 on a product that didn't seem to include what it should...

Please let me know if there will be maps and files to use added. Thank you.
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Re: No maps with PDF?

Thu 06 Oct 2022, 15:55

I don't have this product so I don't know what it should contain or not, but you can always ask about it.
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Re: No maps with PDF?

Thu 06 Oct 2022, 18:14

There isn't battlemaps included for me either so it look on purpose.
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Re: No maps with PDF?

Sun 09 Oct 2022, 16:07

I'm very disappointed by the lack of battlemaps and also by the omission of anything properly 5e related to terrain, like there was in AiME with the very nice terrain effects proposed in the loremaster guide.
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Re: No maps with PDF?

Thu 19 Jan 2023, 05:17

Strangely, since I got the pdfs before they updated them, mine has maps in the older one (with the mistakes and typos). Once they mentioned an updated one with fixes, I got it and now have both. The original has 3 full maps. The updated has none.

Also, I would love just an 'art of' book for ref info and art while playing, but the book to be meaningful with its placement of relevant art to the current content on the pages.

I really REALLY dislike the red and white theme. It has leaflets and viney designs, but in red?? Green feels like a better match to the flora/ elven/fantasy motif to me.

The character sheets are pretty lacking as well. I know there are going to be updates for various things, but a more full and detailed sheet would be nice. Not so blocky and sparse, and kill the red please.

if it will let me upload (on my phone, buried in a foot of snow in a van) l try to upload the sheet I put together for my story in writing which uses a dnd Strixhaven setting for some of it, then they get thrown into the LOTR setting later... So I combined the 2 sheets into one.
(nope, won't let me upload)

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