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Monument Chamber and Fangafa

Wed 23 Nov 2022, 01:06

Hey, I'm having a really hard time visualizing the Monument Chamber and what it looks like. It looks like if the players take the Sinkhole route, they pop up in the eastern portion of the room. How does this work with the sinkhole being west of here? Also, it looks like they pop out IN the rift. So don't they run directly into Fangafa in that case? And if they're in the rift, surely there's not really a way for them to climb out while Fangafa is bearing down on them? Finally, what is Fangafa doing during this whole time. The book mentions that she would go hunt down the vile water if not for the solid bedrock. However, if the rift exists (and gives her access to attack the PCs), what is she doing? Just hanging out at the bottom of the pit? If anyone can help me visualize these things, that would help a ton. Thanks.

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