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Any hints about the mechanics?

Thu 17 Nov 2022, 20:48

So will we be going back to the mitt full of d6s (my favourite) or the "new" die codes? And, any hints about what the push mechanic will look like?
I know it was literally just announced, but a guy can dream can't he?
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Re: Any hints about the mechanics?

Sat 19 Nov 2022, 12:33

“You can spend days just scavenging ruins and testing survival skills. Or blur it all into the background to focus upon the compelling human drama,” says Härenstam. Fans of survival games may indeed lose themselves in fortifying strongholds alone. “The place you call home should become a rich, three-dimensional character with its own origins, attributes, and memories,” says Hintze. Pushing the boundaries of the survival genre, each group can tailor their RPG experience to suit their own interests and play style. "Each session should feel like you're writing, directing, and starring in your own TWD episode," says AMC's Zagari. "Where it goes is up to you."
No matter what, expect the stress and stakes to be high. Boasting a new spin on Free League Publishing’s award-winning Year Zero engine, players must not only hone their physical skills, but deeply explore what makes them tick – confronting how the hardships of this world naturally impact what they’re capable of, in the best and worst of times.

“Just like the show, this game is not about killing walkers,” asserts LeFavi. “It's not about losing health points and fighting to stay alive. It's about losing your humanity and fighting to find and protect what’s worth living, killing, and dying for.”
Source: Free League Newsletter

The Walking Dead RPG will have a lot of similarities with Mutant Year Zero, I guess. The Ark in Mutant Year Zero will probably be the stronghold in The Walking Dead. Mutant Year Zero also has got a lot of rules when it comes to resources (food, water, ammo etcetera). Future will tell whether I'm right or wrong.
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Re: Any hints about the mechanics?

Tue 22 Nov 2022, 23:13

Between MYZ, FbL and even T2K there's a lot of mechanics they've made that they can lean on for this game. But it does sound like it will be dice pool and not stepped.
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