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Talent Advice

Tue 22 Nov 2022, 11:40

Does anyone know what the rules are on talents in regard to who case use them? For example, do you have to have the build talent to build something, do you have to have the lockpick talent to pick a lock, do you need the chef talent to cook? Or can any character roll to do any talent-based task and we can all build, we can all lockpick, we can all cook, without the talent being learnt. The book says talents must be learnt but then seems to allow characters to make rolls on these tasks without the talent. I am confused, but having talents feels a bit pointless if anyone can do them (despite the bonus die or perk it offers).
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Re: Talent Advice

Tue 22 Nov 2022, 12:31

If a talent is required to build something, then it is shown under Talents in the Gear tables or under Requirement in the Stronghold Function list.

The various effects described under the talent ranks, can only be used if you have the talent rank. So you can use the 'Sleight of Hand' skill to pick a lock because that is mentioned in the skill description, the talent Lockpicker gives you a bonus when doing so. The Lockpicker talent also unlocks a special ability at rank two that you normally can't do with the skill. This also means that you can't use any of the three ranks in Chef, without actually have the talent Chef (Cooking is technically preserving and doesn't require a skill roll to do, only that you have the talent).
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Re: Talent Advice

Tue 22 Nov 2022, 12:34

The Rank 1 of Chef allows you to COOK food, which means that instead of consuming one unit of meat/vegetables you can create a resource die(D6,D8...), which can last longer.

The manual says that you can build functions with a Crafting roll, but reading the rank 1 Builder talent you need it to build Advanced functions(some buildings are "normal" while others explicitly require the talent; i.e. the Inn).
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Re: Talent Advice

Tue 22 Nov 2022, 12:36

It is noted in the description of the things you produce if you need a talent or not.

So for strongholds, you can see that for a garden you do not need to be a builder (REQUIREMENT: —), but for a guard tower you need it (REQUIREMENT: The BUILDER talent).
The end of the book further specifies things you produce and if you need a talent or not. Like for a Canoe, you don't need to be a builder. But to build a Rowing Boat, you need both Sailor and Builder.

For lockpicking, nothing in the talent says that you need it. The talent doesn't say so, and the rolls just get a modifier.

For chef, well it is at least needed to make "field rations", i.e. food that lasts for a week and that can be carried around. Everyone can just eat meat and vegatables, the rules are a bit vague if you just eat them raw, I think you can? There is no bonus for roosting it over a fire if you are not a Chef.
(if you want a house rule, maybe let anyone make food, if they (just like a chef) spends 1QD making it, but unlike a chef, make this food spoil if it is not eaten within a day?)

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