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Grenade Launcher

Tue 15 Nov 2022, 17:34

Am I right in thinking the Grenade Launcher Module grants 1 round of base attacks per M-point spent? Mark-14 has 5 Ranged base, so if you spend 1 M-point you can roll 5 base dice and push it? If you spend 2 M-points it is rolling the first attack of 5 with a push, then taking the second attack of a further 5 with a push? 3 or more M-points and you start getting insane numbers of dice. I'm not an expert of dice odds but in all likelihood as well as dealing damage you will also replenish the M-points spent. If you even spend 2-3 M-points it seems like a lot of damage, which will likely be put out every single turn as it usually replenishes the M-points spent.

The Four-Armed Mutation is the same but limited to close combat so less of a concern. The other damage-dealing powers don't tend to involve rolls so don't replenish M-points. Would it perhaps be better if the Grenade Launcher was like them and just caused the amount of damage equal to the M-point spend? Or maybe have it so you can't gain M-points from Mutation/Module attack rolls? I think the second solution is the most straightforward leaving it powerful and different from other powers but not something you can do every turn.
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Re: Grenade Launcher

Tue 15 Nov 2022, 18:00

Indeed there are several mutations/module cards that are too Good If you have a bunch of m-tokens, the 2 you enlighet above can be game killens as They full up the m-token supply too

Think They need to playtest the cards much more and balance them a bit, maybe some mutations/module should read ”for each 2 m-point spent” or even ”for each 3 m-point spent”

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