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Witchsight and shadow

Sun 23 Oct 2022, 07:43

Preparing to be a GM in Symbaroum and.to give more consisting feedback to players using witchsight, and also make it more useful at higher levels, I was thinking of categorizing the different shadows. Different colors and combinations means something more specific and in regards to their personality and place in civilization. I have some ideas which are somewhat based on how shadows are described in the books, where civilized creatures mostly has metallic and natural creatures has colors of green, red or white.

These are not very well thought out, but is made as examples

Civilized shadows

Gold - "Noble" - means that the person set herself in high esteem, or someone who thinks she is important or above regular people, society and law. May have high ambitions for its own role, a higher responsibility or obligations towards society, house, family. Nobles, Leaders, artisans, commoners with some grand family names from the past.

Silver- "Pillar of society" - often lawful and pure in conviction - like a holy person, or somone with a clear purpose in life, with clear position of what is wrong or right for the.. May feel obligated to uphold law and order in a society or toward a group of people. Common among Priest, witch hunters, templars, captains, or commoners whith strong moral convictions (not necessarly "good").

Copper - Core of civilization, - someone more down to earth, without strong convictions or ambitions, feels as he is part of the foundation of society, without any specific obligtations to anyone, except closest family, clan or group. Common citizens, farmers, or people at higher stature but without strong feelings towards their role in society.

Natural shadows:

Green - "Growth" - identity or identify as, dependent on, or sympathy towards nature, growing things, plants, trees. Common among Gatherers

Red - "Blood" - identity or identify as, dependent on, or sympathy towards living creatures, natural order of predators and prey. Commong among Hunters.

White - "Spirit" - identity or identify as, dependent on, or sympathy towards the higher levels of the natural order and chaos in the world, i.e. circle of life, seasons, weather, and other natural phenomenon and occurences and and how it all is dependent on each other. Commong among spirituals.

Patterns and forms
Shiny copper, silver and gold: strong personality
Tarnished copper, silver and gold: weak personality
Dripping or seeping: hateful, vengeful, sorrow, fearful
Snakelike or coiling veins: analytical, devious, cunning,
Boiling, or waves: passionate, adventureous, hot tempered, compassionate,
Clouds or Mist, - altruistic, open minded, cool tempered,

Black- corrupted
Any variant of black, different levels of corruption

The shadows can mix and create patterns that conveys the soul, personality and feelings. The shadows can change over time, just as people may change. Patterns change more with current state of mind.

I would not give this explanation outright to the players, at least not at novice level, but have it as a reference point for how ro explain shadows and something they would have to figure out over time, and based on how their own characters are described, on roleplay with other pcs and npc.

Any point in this, or do you just randomly describe shadows?

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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