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[Moved] How do I use the T2K FL Workshop design templates?

Fri 14 Oct 2022, 03:26

I know this isn't technically about the game itself, but it's related to the game and these are the forums for the game, by the developers, and viewed by the fans (and staff/devs too, presumably), so I want to ask this here:

I've been writing up content for a supplement that I eventually plan on releasing, but I've hit a critical roadblock in that I downloaded the design templates that are provided by Free League for the community to use to make T2K-style supplements, and I have absolutely no idea how they work. I've got LibreOffice (Writer - I don't know if this is the best program to use for it, but it's all I've got, and I can't be asked to spend a bunch of money on software I would only use on one thing) and no experience or knowledge of formatting this sort of stuff.

What I'm asking for is some instructions from people who have actually made stuff out of these supplements. I don't expect people to coach me through the entire process (but anyone willing to would have my utmost admiration and respect), but what I want to know is how people who have never done this sort of crap (working with heavily-formatted documents/files) can make use of the resources provided by FL to actually make something special. I don't want to be told "Just Google it", because I've tried and I haven't gotten results that address my exact issues; I just want to know what resources the people who regularly make fan supplements have used to help them do what they do, and if anybody would be willing to help me out with this in any way, shape, or form, I would highly appreciate it. I wouldn't want my project to completely collapse because I don't know diddly doo damnit about formatting these FL-provided files.

EDIT: Seeing as my post was moved, apologies for posting in the wrong spot - I didn't notice that there was a community content program section.
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Re: [Moved] How do I use the T2K FL Workshop design templates?

Fri 14 Oct 2022, 07:36

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