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So Steve is in a gem, now what?

Sat 18 Jun 2022, 04:28

So you spend six hours casting a ritual, bind soul, and Steve the barman has his soul trapped in a gem for the next six hours or permanent.... and now what?

What is the end use of this spell? What is the intended purpose other than a hilarious but time consuming party trick?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: So Steve is in a gem, now what?

Sat 18 Jun 2022, 05:41

It might be so that some spells are written for evil NPC spellcasters for them to use in some twisted experiment or just for torture.

Other than that, from a player point of view, I have no idea.
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Re: So Steve is in a gem, now what?

Sat 18 Jun 2022, 12:38

I can think of a few (of a player perspective), some of the malicious, others not:
- Safely transporting a very dangerous prisoner
- Saving an (N)PC whose body was irrepairably damaged or ravaged by disease
- Getting rid of a dangerous NPC with comparatively low risk
- Scaring someone into doing something they would normally not do
- The spell description doesn't exclude the possibility that the victim is aware of their surroundings, so smuggling someone into an area they normally don't have access to would be a thing.

And that's just 10 minutes of thinking and typing. I'm sure one can come up with other stufff, as well, given more time!
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Re: So Steve is in a gem, now what?

Tue 04 Oct 2022, 11:44





In our first campaign we had a blood sorcerer in the group, and used the spells in two very interesting ways.
1) Used it to bind Algared soul to a book (to avoid giving it to Brother Sturcas) and later fused it with the elf in the party(so he had a second soul), which lead to very interesting scenes and consequences.

2) Used it to give a body to the ghost minstrel Alma (from the Hollows) by pouring her soul in a dead body.

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