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Trying to plan a session involving the shards of Narsil being stolen.

Sun 25 Sep 2022, 20:22

I realize this is stretching the lore just a tad, since Aragorn has the sword in TA 2965, but let's say, for the sake of making a fun adventure, the remaining shards themselves are still being held in Rivendell.

My players have just finished the Star of the Mist, and after a council with Sabian, have agreed to take him and a handful of his men to Rivendell, not realizing that he is one of the Black Númenóreans from Ruins of the Lost Realm. The players are in the midst of their first Fellowship Phase in Bree, and Sabian and his men are staying in the Chetwood to avoid too many prying eyes and questions from Bree-landers.

My thought is, if they take these men to Rivendell without issue and stay more than a day or so, Sabian may try to sneak away with the remaining shards of Narsil in an attempt to ensure the blade that cut the One Ring off the hand of Sauron could never be reforged (as a bonus to finding the valley of Imladris itself).

Where I need a little help is, how would you all play this scenario from there? Would you boil it down to a simple Hunting roll or skill endeavor to try to find Sabian? It seems anti-climactic, but I'm having trouble figuring out how else I might make this engaging for my players beyond this.
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Re: Trying to plan a session involving the shards of Narsil being stolen.

Sun 25 Sep 2022, 21:13

Maybe you could just add a simple extra step. Maybe someone else knows Sabian's whereabouts and the group would have to go there and figure that out first before the final part where they go to Sabian's HQ or whatever and try recover the shards.
Or perhaps in hunting after Sabian they realized some of his company went a different way and they are following the wrong group, but after catching up to them/interrogating them or whatever they can learn of Sabian's whereabouts. Each option just adds another step.
Or maybe Sabian is going on his way to take it to someone worse, like one of the Wraiths or something and there is now a limited time that they can get it before it is much harder to get, a race against time.
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Re: Trying to plan a session involving the shards of Narsil being stolen.

Mon 26 Sep 2022, 00:40

I think I would suggest a shift in emphasis if you are not too stuck on it being the shards of Narsil that are being taken.
Or you can give yourself complete free rein with this storyline by changing the actual sacred relic from the battle of the Last Alliance.
Nowhere in LOTR does it say what happened to Aiglos, the spear wielded by Gilgalad in that battle.

It seems very unlikely that the elves would not recover even the broken remnant of that weapon after Sauron slew Gilgalad, to be slain in his own turn. So if Aiglos returned with Gilgalad's Herald- i.e. Elrond - then it would become an heirloom of itself. And also available to be purloined by such as Sabian.

Now Sabian might succeed with stealing the spearhead of Aiglos and there is zero in canon to prevent you doing what you like.
Sabian may well get away with this spearhead, and it is never seen in Rivendell again. This would explain why it is not in Tolkiens work.
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Re: Trying to plan a session involving the shards of Narsil being stolen.

Mon 26 Sep 2022, 17:59

That’s a good idea - I particularly like the idea of Aeglos being the stolen artefact.
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