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Frontier War - Mission 6 Operation Deep Shaft (Part 1)

Mon 19 Sep 2022, 00:07

Frontier War Campaign
Operation Deep Shaft

The USCMC 2nd platoon (kilo company) alpha section is composed of :

-Lieutenant Hope (Platoon commander)
-Sergeant Matthews (section sergeant)
-Synthetic Lance (scientific advisor and medic)
-Corporal Biehn (1st squad leader)
-PFC Jenette (1st squad smartgunner)
-PFC Paxton (1st squad comtech)
-Private Ricco (1st squad sniper)
-Lance Corporal Wright (2nd squad leader)
-Major Davydovich (2nd squad smartgunner)
-Private Lees (2nd squad comtech)
-Botos (2nd squad sniper)

The UAS El Diablo
Mantis Multimission Transport
support crew
-Captain Wincott
-Pilot Flowers
-Mercenary Perlman
-Synthetic Winona
-Tanya Lebedev (advisor)
-Arietta Pichilemu (advisor)

The UAS Hela
Mantis Field Medic Transport
support crew
-Mr.Ken Ishigara (Rescue Coordinator)
-6 medtechs
-Blackguard Captain Gabriel Karambit
-3 Blackguard commandos

What's the situation Mother

The Tambitam is on route to her next assignment in the Borderline Region. The ship is within a few parsecs of the GJ1230AB System (The Grandhi Moon, Sonderdatch Colony). Marines get an emergency call, redirecting them to the Grandhi Moon. Co has a chat with Mother and PCs are gathered on the hangar deck for their briefing.

"Okay Marines, Mother received an SOS and decided to wake us up early. Weyland-Yutani leases an Atmosphere Processor Plant on The Grandhi Moon. It belongs to the independent colony Sonderdatch in the GJ1230AB system. There is a hostage situation at the processor which involves the cult CHILDREN OF THE TWO DIVINES. Mother doesn't have all the details, but it looks like they have General Manager Cassandra Mistry captive. Dozens of workers are unaccounted for and believed to be trapped too. Security guards were on site during the incident and have not been heard from since. There's a good chance they are taken as well. The Mantis Field Medic Transport UAS Hela will rendezvous with you at the site. Wey-You has sent a Rescue Coordinator on the Hela, Mr.Ishigara and a blackguard squad lead by Captain Gabriel Karambit. You follow their orders. Get in there, get everyone out. Save lives, neutralize the threat and bring back sensitive data as usual. Tambitam and the rest of the Platoon will continue to the front (next assignment). Hela and El Diablo will be your home base for this mission. You're on your own for this one, marines", (says Lieutenant Hope).


The El diablo and The Hela are touching down on the landing pad of the Sonderdatch Colony Installations. They are immediately invaded by 20 colony workers, wanting to escape. Some order is going to be established. "Listen everyone, the best thing is to wait and we'll pick you up. Everyone will leave. Stay calm. You are safe with US marines", (says Sergeant Matthews).

Things calm down. Mr.Ishigara's team springs into action. Wounded are taken to the Hela. 15 minutes later Mr.Ishigara greets the PCs. "We have 62 minor injuries here. There are 37 workers and 8 security guards trapped inside the Processor Plant. Terrorists have blocked all access to the processor", (says Mr.Ishigara).

Blackguard Captain Karambit comes to talk to PCs. "The fanatics came with a Starcub shuttle. It's behind the garage. I want to inspect it first and make sure they don't have any CN-20 nerve gas", (says Captain Karambit).

"Yes. We're going to the operations center to talk to controller Gibson. I would like to talk to workers at the bar too. We must find a Daihotai tractor to get to the processor", (says Corporal Biehn). The El Diablo crew (Wincott, Flowers, Perlman, Winona and Arietta) will stay here to regroup people who want to leave.

Operations Center

Sergeant Mattews, Lance, Corporal Biehn and Tanya are going to the operations center. Jenette, Paxton and Ricco are trying to find a Daihotai tractor working at the Garage. Corporal Wright, Davydovich, Lees and Botos (2nd squad) are going to the Bar (Mori Mori) to chat with the locals. Meanwhile Mr.Ishigara takes care of gathering a maximum of wounded in the UAS Hela. Captain Karambit and his group are going to inspect the shuttle of the Children of the two divines.

Biehn's group walks towards the operations center. It's a large isolated building. All facilities are outdated and poorly maintained. They enter. Synthetic Gibson is coming to welcome them. "I have received instructions from Director Mistry to welcome you. How can help you", (says Synthetic Gibson). "Do you have a camera systems", (asks Biehn). The synthetic says yes and directs them to the security section. Multiple monitors show images from multiple locations. It's the images of the atmospheric processor that interests our group. All sections look abandoned. equipment is misplaced. In one tunnel, a worker is pacing back and forth with an axe in hand. We see 2 disciples (Children of the two divines) with weapons pushing 4 workers down with bags on their heads. Cameras of sub-levels 2 and 3 have all been disconnected. Gibson thinks all workers have been brought into sub-levels 2 or 3. No ransom demands were made. Jenette calls Biehn's group. They have found a tractor. Biehn asks them to come back.

Mori Mori Bar

Wright, Davydovich, Lees and Botos enter the Bar (Mori Mori). This is a bar for union members (small sign with UNION MEMBERS ONLY). It's a place where members come to relax, eat and drink. The bartender (Yansick) waves them welcome. There are dozens of people here drinking. Nobody wants to talk to the group. It's a place for members only some say. Davydovich shows his big arms and no one insists. They come to the bartender Yansick. He tells them that workers at the processor are all drunk all day. So everyone just overreacted.

The shuttle

The shuttle is located behind the garage. Captain Karambit arrives with his 3 guards. The hatch is locked. They are able to bypass the lock. They enter. They find weapons (Norcomm AK-4047 assault rifle). They find crates with a hyper-coolant spray canister. They don't know what it's for. It looks like xenomorph eggs were on board. There are no traces of CN-20 gas. Biehn asks them to come back to Ops.

The atmospheric processor

Everyone joins Biehn's group at the Operations Center. The Tambitam is about to return as there are several injured people here. Mr.Ishigara takes care of the final preparations with the UAS Hela to join the Tambitam in orbit. The UAS El Diablo will bring a maximum of civilians (who want to leave). It has been decided that Winona and Arietta will remain in the Operations Center with Gibson to coordinate. The 1st squad and the 2nd squad will go to the processor with Captain Karambit's group for the hostage rescue operation. The processor is located 250 meters away. A severe ion storm (magnetic storm) is brewing on the surface. Visibility will be difficult.

Winona and Arietta inform the group that the Tambitam is in orbit. The UAS Hela left with injured people. The UAS El Diablo also left with several civilians.

The atmospheric processor is massive. The ionic storm is raging. The group arrives via access ramp 4. The hatch is closed. No guards. Paxton and Ricco come out to bypass the lock. They manage to open the hatch. The roadway tunnel loops around and there is an access ramp to go down to sub-level 1. Two Daihotai tractors are mashed together in a wreck there, both on fire. The vehicle operators are dead.

PCs will have to continue on foot. Synthetic Lance launches an analysis of the personal data transmitter (PDT) of the workers. "I receive PDT signals from 37 workers and 8 security guards. They are almost all on sub-level 3 in the General Maintenance Center 1 area. We can take the stairs from access ramp 4 to go down," (says Synthetic Lance).

The group enters the stairs. No guards. On the way down they hear a noise. 2 people are going up. PCs are hiding. 2 workers (Gregor and Tai) are going up slowly. They are happy to see the marines. Both are extremely pale covered in sweat. "We were prisoners at sub-level 3 for hours. They put a bag over our heads. They told us that we were going to become "angels". We stayed for hours below", (says Gregor). It has been decided that private Lees will take them back to the daihotai tractor and stay with them for security. " Lees, be careful, it may be 2 cases of Robert Morse's dragon", (says Corporal Biehn). Everyone got the hint.

General Maintenance Center 1 (sub-level 3)

PCs enter the corridor that leads to General Maintenance Center 1. No guards. The situation is quite chaotic over there. 2 cult members of the Children of the Two Divines stand in the center of the room. They just received 2 facehuggers and they fall on the ground. A third cult member (some kind of priestess) stands next to them dressed in a MK.50 compression suit without a helmet. "Receive this purification and become angels of destruction", (says the Priestess). Several xenomorph eggs are behind her.

A strange resin is fixed on the walls. Several workers are fixed in the resin. Several have facehuggers in their faces. Others have their chests cut open in blood. "I'm reading that 37 workers and 8 guards are here", (says Lance). Captain Karambit has just identified General Manager Mistry fixed to a wall and dead after the birth of a chestburster.

2 cult members who were in the back of the room opened fire on the PCs (with AK-4047 rifles). At the same time a group of xenomorphs (10 adult drones) comes out of the dark. They launch themselves on the PCs. Davydovich and Jenette open fire with their "Let's rock" smartguns on the xenomorphs. Paxton calls Synthetic Gibson to explain their situation. Ricco and Biehn are taking down the 2 members equipped with AK-4047 rifles.

"We can no longer save anyone. The situation cannot be neutralized this way. We have to fall back. We're going back to the Daihotai tractor everyone", (says Sergeant Matthews). "Watch out for crossfire. You must avoid touching the heat exchangers systems", (says Synthetic Gibson). "We'll do our best", (says Biehn).

The priestess lets out a horrible scream. She falls to her knees. A chestburster rips through her compression suit in a burst of blood. "It's uncontrollable. We have to leave", (says Jenette). They all throw themselves into the exit. The 3 blackguards accompanying Captain Karambit are dead. Botos covers the group. 3 xenomorphs jump on him. He's dead.

Everyone retreats to the stairs. They arrive at Level 1 where the Daihotai tractor is waiting for them. Several xenomorphs are upon them. "Go, I'm guarding the stairs", (says Davydovich). "Don't take too long, everyone we're moving", (says Corporal Biehn).

The group gets into the tractor. Near the stairs we hear gun shots and screams. Several dark shapes come out and throw themselves at Davydovich. He falls to the ground. "Davy is down, we have to help him", (says Jenette). "He's gone, forget it", (says Biehn). "Hang on, we're leaving", (says Lance). The tractor turns in direction of the exit. Several xenomorphs jump on the vehicule. They are unable to enter. The tractor eventually comes out of the processor. The ion storm is raging. Visibility is difficult. The tractor drives towards the settlement.

Trouble at the Mori Mori (Bar)

Synthetic Gibson gets a call from the bar. There is a dispute between members of the Union. Winona and Arietta offer to go and fix the situation. Gibson agrees.

The ion storm rages outside. Winona and Arietta walk towards the bar. They arrive at the entrance. They hear screams inside. They enter. The interior is dark and lifeless. They advance. The rear door is open. The rain enters. A large shape is on the ground. A worker's body is being eaten by a xenomorph (it's worker Tanner). Bartender Yansick, worker Phelps and Union-boss Sokolov join Winona and Arietta.

"We saw more creatures outside. We are not alone here. We should regroup in the Ops Center and barricade", (says Bartender Yansick). A xenomorph comes from no where. Arietta protects the group and the xenomorph opens its outer jaws and deadly inner jaws lean out. Killing Arietta in one shot. The group retreats and runs towards the operations center. Xenomorphs are after them. They barricade the door. Winona joins Gibson. "Xenomorphs are upon us. Everyone must be told to regroup in the Ops Center", (says Winona).

Biehn's group contacts Gibson. "We are getting back to base. We have to leave immediately. The processor is infested with xenomorphs. There are no survivors", (says Biehn). The Tambitam contacts Gibson. "It's impossible for us to return to the colony right now. The ion storm makes landing impossible. We have detected an increase of temperature at the processor. Looks like the heat exchangers no longer work", (says Lieutenant Hope). "Confirmed Tambitam. We have a xenomorph infestation here. According to calculations, I'm projecting total systems failure under four hours. Overload is inevitable at this point and equals to 10 megatons. We will try to hold out until the storm stops", (says synthetic Gibson).

This is Game Mother signing OFF.
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Re: Frontier War - Mission 6 Operation Deep Shaft (Part 1)

Mon 19 Sep 2022, 00:09

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Re: Frontier War - Mission 6 Operation Deep Shaft (Part 1)

Fri 23 Sep 2022, 00:17

Great work, as always, mate :)

But I'm starting to wonder, with some trepidation, what you've planed for your group past Frontier War? I mean, we're suddenly at the end with only the finale left to go, so... Now what?
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Re: Frontier War - Mission 6 Operation Deep Shaft (Part 1)

Fri 23 Sep 2022, 17:34

Don't forget I have Part.2 of Mission 6 to do.

I'm gonna take a deep breath and think. I'm gonna read Mission 7 (again) and maybe I'm not going to do it right now.

Maybe I'm gonna think of something else before that (Mission 7).

Maybe push them on a deep far mission ... in the Heart of Darkness (ahah!) ...

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