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Question about private messages

Thu 08 Sep 2022, 22:40

Hi, jus a quick question: Every private message I have been sending to other users here has been sitting in "Outbox", marked as unread. Is this supposed to work like that? I was expecting them to be in "Sent messages" after they've been sent to the recipient. Is this normal, or have my messages simply never been sent to the recipient?
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Re: Question about private messages

Thu 08 Sep 2022, 23:25

That means that the recipient hasn't checked his PMs.
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Re: Question about private messages

Tue 20 Sep 2022, 06:02

Do you think that's how it's intended to operate? The "Sent messages" folder is where I usually find messages that have been sent to the intended recipient. Is this the usual, or have the recipient(s) never received my messages?


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